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We Deliver: Stress Relief on Site

All signs show that health and wellness are fulfilling a long-held promise: you need to meet people where they are if you want to change their behavior. "Everyone wins from your well being," counseled the best-selling author of Awakening Joy (Parallax Press, 2012) James Baraz.  With the teaching Mr. Baraz was addressing a gathering at Spirit Rock, the

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Bring On the Hero Please

Did you have a hero growing up?   Did you?  I mean a real true kid style hero, like Superman or Wonder Woman…. maybe it was Strawberry Shortcake or Harry Potter. When we were kids we had heroes, we dressed up like them, we watched them on television and pretended to be them in our

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BLISS, You Are Now Entering It

Our goal is to give people that toolbox to help self-care become a lifestyle. "The present... catch it if you can," advised Annie Dillard in her splendid meditation on life, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek (Harper Collins).  Her wisdom echoes as one steps inside the brand new Release Well Being Center tucked along Turnpike Road, in Westborough.

On Impulse…

Because of my practice of yoga, however, I’ve become more aware that my impulsive style doesn’t always serve me in life. Or those around me. As an actor, I’ve often been told to, “Follow that impulse!”. Typically, the director’s intention is  to nudge me toward the enlightened path, towards that zone of uninhibited expression often

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SUPERFLOW 2017… Go Long!

Back for its second year, SUPERFLOW will take place on Super Bowl Sunday (Sunday, February 5th) at Boston's Intercontinental Hotel!  South Boston Yoga's David Vendetti, PLAY Yoga's Anthony Tomasi and LA YOGA Editor in Chief Felicia Tomasko will be this year's featured presenters for the practice portion.  Rounding out the team will be Sienna Creasy who will return to her old hometown to share her

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Grace Land – Pioneering Family Wellness at Boston Children’s Hospital

We are not trying to learn to stand on our heads in these classes we offer. It's about teaching patients and their families to stand on their own two feet. Program Director Diane Cella sending out some metta in the Center's lobby alongside Administrative Associate Carmen Fuentes-Smith It's an overcast Wednesday morning outside the lobby

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Soul Development with Melissa Boyd

I have dedicated my life to be of the highest service.  I have always trusted my higher guidance, my psychic abilities, and the ability to foresee situations and act accordingly. It's all about service for Melissa Boyd.  Reiki Master, yoga instructor, sound healer and Psychic Medium... all hats she wears, and all vocations she shares in service to others.

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