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You Make Me Feel Lovely


See what one Find Bliss contributor has to say about feeling lovely, letting go and new beginnings. You Make Me Feel Lovely By Nadine Fawell For the title of this piece, I am quoting a student of mine, who is one of the sexiest women I have ever met. The first time she walked into class, I thought *wow*. This is a woman who experiences herself as beautiful, and you can see by how she moves that she is moving in the innate sensuality of Life. It’s very powerful. When I knew her better, I told … [Read more...]

It’s About Time

My clients often share their challenges with their busy lives, not getting enough done, not having enough time, arriving late to appointments and feeling frustrated in the process. Albert Einstein’s Relatively Theory demonstrates that our relationship to time is subjective. I am sure that you have experienced a fun party or vacation that seemed to fly by, or sitting in grid-lock traffic that seemed to last forever. So if time is subjective, that gives us a wonderful opportunity to shift our … [Read more...]

Armageddon or Enlightenment

One can't watch television, pick up a newspaper or surf a web site without being barraged by fear-based stories of doom and gloom. Our politicians treat us to scary images of mushroom clouds and a host of horrible weapons in "the wrong hands" as rationale to preemptively invade sovereign countries. Their sights are now seemingly set on two other points in the Axis of Evil: Iran and North Korea. Color-coded terror alerts are suspiciously raised in direct relation to falling poll numbers. We are … [Read more...]

Cultivating Your Bliss

cultivating your bliss: how to avoid making yourself miserable in meditation When you are meditating and your brain is thinking of your next appointments and choreographing the day and night, what is going on? Your brain and body are synchronizing the dance of it all, feeling the pulse of time, the beat of your heart and the beat of the day. If you allow this you will notice that there is a bliss of being in synch with the rhythm of your day. … [Read more...]

Ring of Rhythm

Throughout the ages, indigenous cultures from all corners of the world have embraced the throbbing, heartbeat call of drums. From Polynesia and the African continent to the native peoples of North and South America, the pulsing music of rhythmic drumming has brought people together, helped unify inhabitants into cohesive populations, and defined the borders of communities. … [Read more...]

Islands of Silence

harnessing the power of stillness Car horns blaring; airplanes roaring overhead; radios and televisions constantly chattering and snarling; this chaotic cacophony is the soundtrack to the urban landscape we inhabit. It seems impossible to escape the relentless barrage of external stimuli that hum like static just below our perception, demanding our attention whether we are conscious of it or not. … [Read more...]

The Bridge of Choice

Imagine yourself standing on a bridge between two worlds. On one side of the bridge is an upside-down world. Why is it upside-down? It is upside-down because people have lost their intimate connection to the whole, and feel isolated and separate from society. Even their thoughts are fragmented. … [Read more...]

Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

When ancient peoples considered the vastness of the universe, they felt something very surprising, they felt connected, a spiritual connection cannot be seen or touched, yet we have a way to verify invisible things by using a faculty more powerful and reliable than the five senses' consciousness. … [Read more...]

Michael Beckwith – Life Visioning Process

Rev Michael Beckwith - Life Visioning Process

Perhaps you’ve felt it in a moment of deep connection with nature, during meditation or prayer, or while effortlessly doing something “in the zone”: that unmistakable sense that a power larger than yourself works through you. According to Michael Bernard Beckwith, this is nothing less than the evolutionary impulse of the universe that awaits your conscious realization of its individualized expression as your life. To help you access this energy and unfold the highest purpose of your being, this … [Read more...]

Renewal Through Meditation

The idea that the mind can go deep enough to change the very patterns of the body, and therefore wipe away any mistakes, such as disease, has not yet been fully embraced by western medicine. Yet for more than 5000 years, Ayurveda – an ancient natural healing system originating in Ancient India – has approached the mind and body together. … [Read more...]

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