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MEET ARTIST AND NORTH SHORE YOGA INSTRUCTOR MICHELE BOSHAR “I have always left at least a small space in my life for my art with the intention of creating something beautiful and telling a story.  the result hopefully satisfies both and is always cathartic.”   This week we lean in with popular north shore yoga instructor Michele Boshar.  Michele is highly regarded not only for her mastery on the mat but also for the grace and peace she expresses through her work as a fine art painter.  When … [Read more...]

Blue Mountain Arts

finding bliss through helping people communicate How many people can say that while their dreams fueled their career paths, those careers continue to give them bliss? Susan Polis Schutz and Stephen Schutz, married and working together since 1969, are among the blissed-out few who can. I recently spoke with Susan regarding Blue Mountain Arts, the hugely successful publishing company that she co-founded in 1969 with her husband, Stephen. We also discussed her candid and life-affirming memoir, … [Read more...]

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