Tuning In, In Tuscany…


Retreats – yoga, artistic, or spiritual, can serve as wonderful allies in this journey known as life.  Part luxury, part necessary… in whatever size or shape they may take, such commas in the traffic of being have been known to wondrously enhance one’s physical, creative and inner alignment.  The team behind the Artist Immersion Program (AIP) champions such pauses through the concentrated retreat experiences they build blending spirituality and art into their signature programs across the globe. This springtime, they are inviting guests to unplug and join them for two magical weeks in the rolling hills of Tuscany where the immersion menu includes a host of creative and other exhales.

D.H. Lawrence once wrote, “For us to go to Italy and to penetrate into Italy is like a most fascinating act of self-discovery.”  With its muted golden light and mild pace, Tuscany especially has long been revered as a splendid spot to not only study art, but to turn inward and experience the artistic lifestyle.  Painting, Drawing, Book Art, Natural Morta, Writing and beyond…  Seizing on its pastoral setting, AIP’s all new Italy 2018 “Art Lab” (May 11-24) was designed to offer participants a sanctuary for both art making and focus.  

Exclusive Discount for LA YOGA/BOSTON YOGA Readers…

Beautifully prepared meals with farm to table ingredients, cultural immersion, and response through art making have long served as the core of AIP programming.  Unique to this year’s Italy escape is the yoga component.  Retreat guests will have the option of one or two week immersions on the mat, with week one offering a hatha-based program (led by Ruth Wheeler) and week two a chakra yoga exploration (led by Petra van Noort).  Both series will invite participants to cross-pollinate with the lush natural land. Morning and late-afternoon yoga practice will bookend time in the studio (or at the canvas) and extended opportunity to commune with other artists.  The yoga sessions will be intentional offering themes and insights on awakening our inner artist, finding our flow, and delving deeper inward.  In salute of AIP’s new yoga component, they are offering BOSTON YOGA and LA YOGA readers an exclusive $700 discount when booking. Simply use the code of AIPOM2018 when registering.

Italy 2018 “Art Lab” will integrate art into daily ritual and practice, simply.  The days will unfold with ease connecting participants to culture, nature, local cuisine, to learning and to their own inner landscape.  Of inner work, the Dharma teacher Zohar Lavie reminds us, “This re-balancing, this opening and aligning and cultivating of gratitude and generosity and joy is really important… It’s not about self-gratification.  It’s actually about bringing balance into the (whole) system and resourcing.” Resourcing in Chianti in May?  Sounds like a dream come true as we ride-out winter’s ongoing pounding and yet more snow falls here in New England… in late-March.  To reserve your spot in Italy 2018 “Art Lab”, or to learn more about AIP’s other programming, please visit their website.