Chuan, a Chinese term, is said to refer to a serene course of water.  And, the element water is believed to be the foundation of our life and well being.  Chuan Body + Soul, nestled in downtown Boston’s Langham Hotel, considers itself a “sanctuary of healing” with a spa menu fueled by the principles of traditional Chinese medicine and the five elemental forces.  Fire, earth, metal… and most importantly water.  From their signature wraps and body scrubs to their Chuan Yu facials, their therapies are all purpose driven to reconnect you to your “source”.  ”

“Chuan Body + Soul at The Langham, Boston was designed to create an ambience of tranquility for both contemplation and inspiration,” reads their website.  “Here, we have created a wonderful haven away from the outside world, embracing a natural aesthetic with interiors of soft and calming hues.”  Upon arrival, guests are invited to to complete a five element questionnaire. This information ensures more targeted therapies to address a client’s specific life element imbalances.  “Your selected element may change on a daily basis and is affected by what you eat, the seasons of the year as well as your bio-rhythms.”

Drawing their power from the marine universe, Chuan Body + Soul is pleased to offer Thalgo products and treatments – French experts in marine beauty.  For over 50 years, Thalgo has drawn on the riches of the ocean to find the essential elements for authentic and effective cosmetology. Thalgo makes the most of the extraordinary potential of the sea to develop its professional treatments and beauty products.

The Chuan Harmony massage is designed to stimulate meridian harmony, this unique mind, body and soul experience combines the therapeutic elements of acupressure with various relaxation massage techniques to induce a deep sense of calm. This full body oil massage stimulates a sense of well-being and relaxation.   And, for those looking for the ultimate indulgence, there’s the Boston Serenity a three hour total escape featuring a Thalgo Facial, a thirty minute private jacuzzi plunge, an herbal salt scrub, a scalp massage and a thirty minute PerfectSense® Paraffin on top of the Chuan Harmony massage.  No matter the treatment, all spa guests are invited to swim or relax by the refreshing water of their indoor heated pool. Also, they extend an open invitation to full access to their state of the art cardio equipment.

Chuan Body + Soul at the Langham Hotel is conveniently located on Franklin Street in the heart of Boston’s Financial District.  Spa appointments and pricing can be made by visiting the spa’s website or by calling 617.451.1900.