It’s more the share than the give.  It’s the shared joy that when it’s being consumed, I can feel it and they can feel it.

Handcrafted Mugs from Healing Touch Pottery

Handcrafted Mugs from Healing Touch Pottery


The famed Chef, Author and Entrepreneur Mario Batali once said, “It’s more the share than the give.  It’s the shared joy that when it’s being consumed, I can feel it and they can feel it.”  He was referring to the gift of food, but his reflection transfers seamlessly to giving of other sorts.  Inherent in gifting is the promise that the beneficiary will bring our offering to life in some fashion and not just stash it away.  When we pause and reflect consciously on a gift or a present’s life in the hands of that friend, family member or co-worker we tap into the quiet power of “the share”.

While it is still early in the season, we have plenty of time to get intentional with our gifting.  The collective yearning we’re sensing this season?  Healing. If ever there was a year to stray from the beaten path and seize upon that power of “the share”, it is this one.  Nothing to do with a price tag or label.  This season, it’s all about soothing.  With the help of a few guest consumers, we’ve curated a shopping list with purpose.  Each of these items we love shares a kindred mission… to restore, to soothe and to make well.

We begin with the gorgeous collection of handcrafted pottery (sampled above) from Donna Rollins and the artisans at Healing Touch Pottery.  Crafted right here in New England, their mugs are accented with healing stones (and birthstones) making all the more magical a morning coffee or afternoon tea.  Healing Touch Pottery is also available at The Grove Boutique in Lynnfield, MA.

Gathered Thoughts Paper Collection from Sugarboo Designs.

Gathered Thoughts Paper Collection from Sugarboo Designs.

There is an undeniable pause that comes with sitting down to write, by hand, a letter.  That experience is only elevated when we blend in some wonderful paper.  Sugarboo Designs deals in whimsy, and they takes the (lost) art of letter writing quite seriously.  Their Gathered Thoughts series of lined pads gracefully champions connecting by post.  Each sheet is printed with a unique quote at the page’s footer and perforated on purpose so that the letter’s recipient will scatter the magic.

What shopping list (with a theme of healing) would be complete without chocolate?  With the French Truffles blended by New York’s No Chewing Allowed, you’re giving a dual purpose gift.  There is the delicious factor and also the opportunity to practice.  Their seriously good truffles come with instructions!  “We are driven to recreate the true experience of enjoying chocolate, something that is akin to a reminiscent childhood memory of pure enjoyment that we all share—indulging ourselves with the taste and aroma, exploring the texture, enjoying the smoothness, allowing our senses to savor it to the full extent…”  21.99 for their signature tin! 

We consulted with Kristin Paton of Kristin Paton Home in Cambridge seeking intel on gift items for the home which might bring some measure of peace.  And, while she trumpeted candles for their role in “creating an atmosphere”, she also offered up this gem…  “I just gave (for a client’s 50th birthday ) the gift of a session with Juliana Swanson of Astral Harmony.  Juliana is a vedic astrologist and healer….  Although she is based in Hawaii, she offers sessions (two hour readings based on your birth chart) through both FaceTime and Skype.  She is amazingly insightful – just so right it’s spooky.”

 Poetry continues to be a timeless corrective.  Robert Hass, Thomas Hardy, Pablo Medina and Elizabeth Bishop are just a few of the masters whose works are included in 365 Poems for Every Occasion (Abrams 2015). Inspired by the digital series Poem-a-Day, the contents were selected by the Academy of American Poets and seamlessly take the reader  through the calendar year.

You cannot go wrong with anything from the folks at Minka who handcraft a full line of apothecary products which blend all natural energizing oils with heavenly scents.  Their Miracle Hand Salve is the perfect balm for our dry New England hands.  It’s a specially created hand moisturizer (made in Maine) featuring all natural ingredients, including Shea butter and Orange Peel Wax, and it sports a bright and vibrant scent that swiftly evokes cheer and bliss.

Swaddling, the age-old practice of using blankets to invite stillness…   These special edition Water Color throws (pictured above), crafted on the coast from organic merino wool from our friends at Swans Island, take that pastime to a whole new level and make for a most gracious share.

Lastly, we round out our list with one final suggestion for conscious giving…  Two tickets to SUPERFLOW on Sunday, February 7th at Boston’s Intercontinental Hotel is the ultimate healing gift for the yogi on your list.  The new year will find us back for a second year with a dynamic team of presenters, an inspired community and practice and lots more. Tickets are now on sale with special early-bird pricing in place for a limited time.