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In this section you will find inspiring ways yoga is helping people around the world. Classes in prisons, at the United Nations, on Capitol Hill, in schools and hospitals. This is not general news but more how yoga is impacting the world.


Tales From a Rookie Visit Nancy Chabot is not a yogi.  Not so much.  In terms of her “thing”, running most accurately defines this suburban mother of two.  With a Boston Marathon and countless Falmouth and other road races under her belt, she sports her 26.2 with pride.  Yet this past late January in the midst of

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Making the Most of Spring Forward's Extra Hour This week's one hour leap forward on the clock gifts us all one precious extra hour of daylight at the finish of our day.  How will you spend it?  "I believe that water is the only drink for a wise man,"  once declared Henry David Thoreau.  Perhaps now

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Okay, since when did the 18 mile commute into the city morph into 90 minutes… on a good day? Regularly, I experience this arduous crawl. I know firsthand how this new norm violates, creeps into our already fractured “precious” time. I notice some folks leaning on assorted multi-tasking habits, but “technically” that kind of puts

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