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A Ten-Minute Meditation Practice


The secret of meditation is putting resolutely aside every plan, every project, and focusing on the moment. It’s about stilling the thought-process and feeling the space within as it gradually expands from the body outward. Find a peaceful space and set aside at least 10 minutes for meditation every day, to tune in to your highest potential. ~~~ A Meditation Practice* Sit with the spine straight, and the body relaxed. Place your hands palms upward on the thighs at the junction of the … [Read more...]

Mariel Hemingway finds Refuge at Home

Mariel Hemingway

At 51, Mariel Hemingway says she is finally learning how to play. A setting for the pursuit for play is found in her cozy 1.7 acre ranch that features an expanding outdoor gym and organic farm set deep in Malibu Canyon. Mariel shares this idyllic setting Mariel with her partner, Bobby Williams. Bobby is delivering the workout ethos of Venice Beach to the couple’s ranch. He’s continually adding to the converted corral lined with sand, where he's installed a pair of custom-built balance bars … [Read more...]

Yoga at Home


by Nona Jordan A home practice is the heart of Yoga. That being said, it took me years to get into the groove of practicing at home. It’s daunting, and, I felt that if I couldn’t devote an hour, it wasn’t worth it. If this line of reasoning sounds familiar, please, learn from me and take this to heart: If you have 10 minutes, practice 10 minutes and bask in your 10 minute home practice. Even 10 minutes (heck, even 5 minutes) per day can be transformative. When we come to Yoga or Meditation, we … [Read more...]

Meditation: Self Awareness and Mindfulness

In her book, “Why am I Eating This? 7 Steps to Retrain your Mind about Food,” author Sandy Robertson teaches us how to approach food in a new way. Part of the process is practicing meditation and positive self-talk. We’ve pulled this meditation on self-awarenes and mindfulness for you. Enjoy! "Take a breath. Take another breath. From a quiet space, try to imagine that you have everything you need: all is perfect in your life. There is a need to push, to cajole, to struggle, to manipulate, to … [Read more...]

Meditation: Self Talk

In her book, “Why am I Eating This? 7 Steps to Retrain your Mind about Food,” author Sandy Robertson teaches us how to approach food in a new way. Part of the process is practicing meditation. We’ve pulled this meditation on gratitude for you. Enjoy! "Breathe in and breathe out; breathe in and breathe out. Take in your surroundings and feel at peace. Feel a sense of calmness and security, knowing that you have what it takes to manage your self talk, moment by moment. See yourself taking the … [Read more...]

Eating For Endurance

Raw Ingredients

Vegan performance food? Yes, it’s true and healthy and tasty too. When I began competing regularly as a runner – on the high school cross country team, full-on carbo-loading was our training meal of choice. Before a big meet, we would gather for the requisite pasta dinner. After practices, pizza, hamburgers and even milkshakes were social meals. We weren’t coached on nutrition and in the late 1980s, there wasn’t the same preponderance of outspoken vegetarian or vegan athletes and … [Read more...]

Ben Leinbach – Spirit of Yoga

Ben Leinbach - Spirit of Yoga

Spirit of Yoga brings music to ease stress away and promote peace of mind. Ideal for yoga, meditation, healing, whenever the attention is directed inward toward that dynamic place of stillness. Featuring Grammy nominated Jai Uttal chanting and on dotar and Manose Singh on bamboo flute. READ MORE - Featured Artists CD Reviews DOWNLOAD or LISTEN to sample tracks from Spirit of Yoga in the Find Bliss Music Store … [Read more...]

Krishna Das – Flow of Grace

Krishna Das - Flow of Grace

Krishna Das has been singing the Hanuman Chalisa for over thirty years, and on his newest CD, Flow of Grace, he takes us deep into the heart of this powerful prayer to Hanuman, the embodiment of devotion, service, strength, and compassion. Krishna Das' deep, hypnotic voice is steeped in love as he sings five entrancing melodies of the Chalisa, … [Read more...]

Dave Stringer

Dave Stringer - Divas and Devas

The Los Angeles Times has declared the experience of chanting with Dave Stringer to be “a departure from ancient kirtan. Stringer’s performance shaped the experience into a far more compelling musical encounter.” Kirtan (pronounced keer-tahn) originated in India, and is currently experiencing a worldwide renaissance as a participatory live music experience. Stringer has been widely profiled as one of the most innovative artists of the new American kirtan movement in publications as diverse as … [Read more...]

Islands of Silence

harnessing the power of stillness Car horns blaring; airplanes roaring overhead; radios and televisions constantly chattering and snarling; this chaotic cacophony is the soundtrack to the urban landscape we inhabit. It seems impossible to escape the relentless barrage of external stimuli that hum like static just below our perception, demanding our attention whether we are conscious of it or not. … [Read more...]

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