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Define Your Bliss

The state of Bliss as we define it is a dynamic state or phenomenon. How do we know this? Years of experimentation, following paths, finding teachers, working at it and surrendering into it. People do not get to a state of Bliss and just stay there, particularly in busy urban areas in which many of us choose to live. Daily practice is the key to maintaining the dynamic state of balance that involves frequently correcting and adjusting. The purpose of the work at Find Bliss is to be able to … [Read more...]

Kind words will unlock an iron door.

Kind words will unlock an iron door. - Turkish Proverb … [Read more...]

Intimacy and Communication

Intimacy is the art of keeping one's heart authentically open. Intimacy within relationships allows us to deepen the intimacy within our Self. Intimacy within our Self creates positive, soulful, and inventive relationships with the world. Our deepest learning, frightening realizations and authentic measurement of our evolution lives inside of romantic relationships. … [Read more...]

Actions of Faith


What would you do today if you were certain that God was taking care of you? You would certainly smile. Is it possible to smile even through adversity? It almost seems sacrilege to smile when life seems to not smile. Which is a true reflection? Do you have to smile first before life smiles back at you and how long do you need to smile before contentment and ease arrive? Perhaps life is always smiling and the view of its smile is only seen through certain perspectives. If so, what might those … [Read more...]

And the Truth Shall Make You Healthy

Cardiac researcher Dean Ornish, M.D. has found that the healing power of love and intimacy play huge roles in preventing or reversing heart disease-- as well as other illnesses. In his classic book, "Love and Survival", Dr. Ornish discusses how being true to yourself can create greater intimacy and health. … [Read more...]

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