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Green Splendor: The Quest for Fresh Inspires Restaurant Gardens


There is a growing awareness across the country about the story of food.  Despite the many failures of our current national food system, there are shining examples of communities that care for the way food is grown, shared, and consumed -- and the public is welcoming this movement with open arms.   By Britta Turner   Throughout Southern  California - in Los Angeles, specifically - you may have noticed many neighborhood restaurants serving locally-sourced ingredients. What … [Read more...]

Catching up with Chef Jason Bowlin

Just a stones throw away from catching your own meal, Chef Bowlin offers a unique menu at Catch Restaurant and Wine

By Sannam Nourouzian From its location literally steps away from the ocean, with views of the pier out its floor-to-ceiling windows, to its dishes featuring seasonal ingredients that are locally grown by our fellow California residents, Catch Restaurant and Wine Bar catches the vibe of the California Coast, embodying the spirit of Los Angeles as it is known and imagined around the world.  Located in the blissfully beachy Hotel Casa Del Mar, Catch Restaurant in Santa Monica is home to the … [Read more...]

Why You Need to Cut Back on Salt

According to new research, cutting your salt intake may be more important than you may think. A new study reports that if the United States cut its salt intake by just a half teaspoon a day, we could prevent 92,000 deaths and 99,000 heart attacks a year. "The [ heart] benefits of reduced salt intake are on par with the benefits of population-wide reductions in tobacco use, obesity, and cholesterol levels," says Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, PhD. The culprit, says researchers, isn’t the saltshaker, … [Read more...]

11 Best Foods You’re Not Eating


Recently the New York Times republished an article from Men’s Health entitled, “The 11 Best Foods You’re Not Eating.” Because we’re all looking to get healthy in this new decade, here’s the lowdown on what you should be eating more of: 1) Beets 2) Cabbage 3) Swiss Chard 4) Cinnamon 5) Pomegranate Juice 6) Dried Plums 7) Pumpkin Seeds 8) Sardines 9) Turmeric 10) Frozen Blueberries 11) Canned Pumpkin Do you have any of these superfoods in your house? To read the article in its entirely, click … [Read more...]

In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto


Have you ever stopped to think about what’s in the food you’re eating? If the answer is no, pick up a copy of Michael Pollan’s “In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto.” Pollan’s book questions our culture’s notion of a healthy, balanced diet and attacks processed foods that claim to work miracles. The solution for all of us moving forward? Eat less meat and sugar and more fruit and veggies. Hey, isn’t that what Mom said? Review from Booklist: Expanding on a theme from his popular The … [Read more...]

Food Additives: What You Should Know

seringe injecting red liquid into an apple

Do you know what's really in the food we eat? One Find Bliss contributor has the low down on food additives and she's clued us in as to what we should avoid. by Svetlana Konnikova, MA, AN Imagine you sit happily in a food court, enjoying restaurant meals and your time with family and friends. Often you don’t suspect that just one big problem can provoke an unexpected stomach aches and spoil your feast. This problem is in food we eat and its quality. Food manufacturers try to bring their … [Read more...]

Organic – Wine Not?


One wine-loving Find Bliss contributor and her husband set out to find a great organic wine. See the results of their taste tests! by Laura, author of the blog Mindful Merchant My husband and I love vino…particularly the red stuff. We are by no means wine experts. I tend to buy bottles with pretty labels and my hubby is all about the price point. You get the picture. I decided to delve into the world of organic wine with the help of our friends. Some of our pals are very knowledgeable about … [Read more...]

Meditation: Self Awareness and Mindfulness

In her book, “Why am I Eating This? 7 Steps to Retrain your Mind about Food,” author Sandy Robertson teaches us how to approach food in a new way. Part of the process is practicing meditation and positive self-talk. We’ve pulled this meditation on self-awarenes and mindfulness for you. Enjoy! "Take a breath. Take another breath. From a quiet space, try to imagine that you have everything you need: all is perfect in your life. There is a need to push, to cajole, to struggle, to manipulate, to … [Read more...]

Meditation: Self Talk

In her book, “Why am I Eating This? 7 Steps to Retrain your Mind about Food,” author Sandy Robertson teaches us how to approach food in a new way. Part of the process is practicing meditation. We’ve pulled this meditation on gratitude for you. Enjoy! "Breathe in and breathe out; breathe in and breathe out. Take in your surroundings and feel at peace. Feel a sense of calmness and security, knowing that you have what it takes to manage your self talk, moment by moment. See yourself taking the … [Read more...]

How to Retrain your Mind About Food


This innovative book can teach you how to win your battles with food in 7 easy steps! For some people, the most difficult thing about the holidays isn’t the financial stress. It’s not the pressure of entertaining relatives or flying across the country. It’s the food. You know how it goes. Suddenly there’s Christmas tree cookies at work, fudge at the neighbor’s house. And the eggnog. Let’s not even get into the eggnog! In her book, “Why Am I Eating This? 7 Simple Steps to Retrain your Mind … [Read more...]

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