barn-silo-gray-708Who doesn’t love that time of week when you head to the farmers market, pick up your CSA or simply pop by the local farm stand. You become mesmerized by the vibrant colors, fresh aromas and dazzling textures of the produce. But have you taken the time to go beyond and explore the land from which mother nature created these masterpieces? With 65 organic farms and 111 sustainable farms in Massachusetts providing everything from produce and dairy to herbs and honey there are opportunities to connect around every corner.

Red-hair-1120A shift happens when you walk farmland that has been naturally cultivated with fortitude and love: time slows, you bask in the veil of the golden sun and feel the gentle breeze flutter the crops, your head tilts up a little higher, you inhale deeper, smell the tilled earth and tune your ears to the soothing chirps and buzzes. You simply connect with the bounty of the earth at an elevated frequency and become intimately reminded of our interdependence with mother nature.

All it takes is a short walk around the fields to start to feel the shift. The best part is most organic farms will welcome you with open arms. From pick-your-own to volunteer opportunities or even fun educational events these farms have a passion for connecting with the community just as much as the earth. So take a few extra moments (or hours) next time to truly savor and celebrate farm-to-table, body and soul.



NOFA – – map and list of the 65 organic farms and 111 sustainable farms in Massachusetts

Some of our favorites:
■ Appleton Farms – Trustees of the Reservation – Hamilton, MA – Featured above or
■ New Harmony Farm – Newbury MA Featured above –
■ Holly Hill Farm – Cohasset –
■ Blue Heron Farm – LIncoln, MA –

Into the Open is a signature series written and photographed by Tricia Capello Gahagan ( Trish is a fine art photographer based on the north shore of Massachusetts. Her sixth sense for style and composition transforms her captures into unforgettable images. She has a passion for soulful portraits and documenting the lyrical nature of the great outdoors.  Photography has become her sacred work where she finds moments of pause, light and transformation. She hopes her photos will give you an opportunity to look beyond the lines and discover anew.