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Vedic Astrology Summer 2013


by Sam Geppi


The heat of the summer ushers in the intense energy of the warrior planet Mars during a  Mercury retrograde cycle. Stay active, stay cool, write, and meditate to receive the benefit of these energetic forces.


July 4

There’s a high potential for arguments during the next month and a half, beginning when Mars enters Gemini. Mars is a planet of action, and Gemini, a sign of ideas. There could impatient and/or cutting conversations until August 18, when Mars enters Cancer. Be very careful going to war over your ideas now. Be flexible. Also, make sure to stay physically active; this will help to avoid intellectual frustration.


July 7

A new cycle of ideas, curiosity, and flexibility begins on the New Moon in Gemini. The Sun and Moon will also join retrograde Mercury, Jupiter, and Mars. This is an important time for communication and self-expression. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of ideas, speech, and communication. Gemini is the sign that allows us to develop the capacity to see all sides of an issue. But these things may be confused now with Mercury in retrograde. Lacking flexibility and curiosity, we may instead speak and act from a place of bias. The conjunction of Jupiter makes it a time of learning and teaching.


This New Moon happens in the Nakshatra of Punarvasu, symbolized by a quiver of arrows. This is a hopeful Nakshatra, one related to creativity and children and ruled by the Earth mother, Aditi.


July 20

Communications start moving forward again when Mercury turns direct. Mercury turned retrograde on June 26 and has since been drawing us toward internal communication, and perhaps delays in moving projects forward. However, this Mercury retrograde has been a great time for writing and editing. But now it’s time to direct our energy outward again.


July 22

The Midway point in the Gemini cycle happens on the Full Moon in Capricorn. This Full Moon is also called Guru Purnima, which is a very holy day in Indian culture. On this day, our mind is most able to connect to the feeling of pure devotion for our teachers. This is an excellent time for meditation, as Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of solitude.


This Full Moon is in the Nakshatra of Uttar Ashada, which means “later victory.” It is ruled by the “Vishwa Devas,” the universal forces which include: time, action, truth, and desire. Our skill with these elements guarantees our victories in life.


August 6

A new cycle of feeling, compassion, and love begins with the New Moon in Cancer.  Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the planet of our deeper intuition. Yet we typically experience this intuition and feeling as “the emotions.” Therefore, this may be a very emotional day and month. This New Moon is joined by Mercury, showing a desire to turn our feelings into words–with wavering efficacy.


This New Moon happens in the Nakshatra of Aslesha, called the Entwiner. It is here where our love becomes tangled up, often in external objects and desires. Ideally, our heart should be tangled up in pure love; when this happens, compassion results.


August 18

Our discipline may fly out the window when Mars enters Cancer. Mars is the primary planet of discipline, giving us the strength to sacrifice our comfort in the moment for our principles. Activities like yoga require us to endure some discomfort in order to do what is right. Cancer is the sign in which Mars is debilitated, as Cancer is a sign of emotion and comfort. Be careful — “I don’t feel like it now” may replace your workouts or Yoga practice.


August 20

The midway point in the Cancer cycle will be felt on the Full Moon in Aquarius. The sign of Aquarius is called “Kumba,” which means “water pitcher,” and is also related to the pot of immortal nectar. Yet in Aquarius, the water has been poured out, so there is a feeling of emotional emptiness here, as Saturn, the planet of facing hardships, is the ruler. This outpouring often comes in the form of service to others and social causes. There is an auspicious aspect from Jupiter to this Full Moon, which can help “fill up” the heart with hope and teaching.


This Full Moon happens in the Nakshatra of Dhanishta, a very creative and wealth-producing Nakshatra. The symbol is Shiva’s drum of creation.


Sam Geppi is an internationally-respected Vedic astrology teacher. For free Vedic astrology DVDs and courses for students at all levels, visit: samgeppi.com.

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