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Horoscope July/August 2013

Divine Harmony Astrology Reading

Divine Harmony Astrology Reading


This summer there is a focus on your growth and expansion emotionally and relationally–particularly when it comes to family connections and dynamics. With planets piling up in your 4th house and the Grand Water Trine lighting up your other water houses–it is time to turn within and address the past and its impact on your present, as well as tune into your dreams, intuition, and spiritual side. At the same time there is testing about what you really want, especially when it comes to your career and significant relationships. Mid-August will be the time of truth telling. Are you compromising and giving enough in your relationships or career? If you honestly are and things are not changing then maybe it’s time to scrap something and start over.  But if you are not then maybe its time you learn the art of compromise and collaboration, rather than your typical Martian tendency for the Art of War.




The Grand Water Trine brings you opportunities to open your mind and your social circle this summer, yet you are still dealing with some karmic connections in your life, particularly around 7/7. It’s been a long journey with at least one person in your life and the lessons you are learning are profound and intense. Luckily Saturn’s  tempering energy can help you to communicate with others in ways they can receive as opposed to reacting to. Keep this in mind at the end of July and throughout August as Mars, Jupiter, and Venus trigger the Uranus/Pluto square. This could prompt you to say things you cannot take back! Speaking your truth needs to be balanced with some sensitivity and awareness of others, otherwise bridges could be burned. Tread carefully, but with intention, and you can find a new and healthy meeting ground in tense situations by the end of the summer.



As planets move out of your sign the focus shifts to your finances, money, and self-worth.  With Jupiter in your money house for the next year it’s time to generate more abundance! The Grand Water Trine lights up your earth houses and brings opportunities for career, work, health, and finances to expand, yet at the same time there is testing you have to move through first, before abundance can truly set in. Pay close attention at the end of July and throughout all of August as there could be issues with debt, money you owe, litigation, and/or budgeting that need to be addressed pronto. The sooner you address and set boundaries/limits (with your own finances or in financial relationships with others) the better. Essentially you will be given more abundance (financial and otherwise) when you show the Universe you can master and truly take care of what you currently have.




If you feel your inner pilot light has been on dim lately, expect to reignite your internal flame–as the Grand Water Trine lights up your fire houses of passion, creativity, spirituality, and self-expression! Yet at the same time certain situations in career and/or relationship are going through watershed moments of change. How do you deal with endings/changes while still coming back to life creatively, romantically, and/or spiritually?  It’s a two-fold process that’s like a double-edged sword. With Jupiter in your sign, you are blessed with a guiding spirit who is helping you to tune into your truth, what is right for YOU, and what your heart desires.  Don’t neglect that–as Cancer tends to want to take care of everyone else first (sometimes as a means to be in control).  Right now it’s time to be a little selfish (just a little, not a lot).  Shoot for the stars!




With so many planets piling up in your 12th house of the Unconscious the focus this summer is less external, more internal; less material, more spiritual. The Grand Water Trine will help you to access emotions, dreams, fears, and opportunities to dissolve them. This is a great summer to clean up the karma from your past! Yet at the same time there is testing and a need to bring yourself face to face with your deepest fears, limitations, attachments, and unprocessed emotions.  When the planets begin to move into your sign at the end of July and into August they will all square Saturn, bringing more tension and perhaps a pressing need for resolution or endings in home/family situations. To make it through the intensity you must turn to your dreams, emotions, and spirituality. If you can do this the well-spring you tap into will nourish and sustain you, and eventually it will bring you new life.




This summer is a time to open your mind and widen your social circle in healing, spiritual, and/or creative ways!  With expansive, lucky Jupiter in your 11th house it’s all about friends and hanging with like-minded individuals who have common hopes, dreams, and goals. The push/pull between connection and going it alone, focusing on your own creative energies or children versus collaborating with others can be a focus.  In mid to late August the planets will start to shift into your sign, marking your birth month! The first aspects they make are to nebulous Neptune and wounded healer Chiron. Pay attention August 25 through the 29 as you or a partner may not be seeing things as they truly are. Rose-colored glasses are pretty but sometimes you have to take them off.  Ideally you can learn how to see the possibilities AND reality. From that place miracles happen.




A beautiful Grand Water Trine is building your earth houses, bringing opportunities for spiritual and material expansion when it comes to money, your work/career, and your health and well-being. At the same time radical changes to the structure and foundation of your life are at hand. Pay close attention to the end of July and all throughout August as several planets in your career house undergo massive change. In the second two weeks of August there is a shift in your priorities and a need for greater purpose in your life.  Something old has to be released so something new can birth itself. In the last part of August get ready to gear up and become the warrior! Breakdowns precede breakthroughs, so I challenge you to initiate change and midwife your own rebirth, rather than be dragged by it. Find the balance you seek without, within!




This is a summer to fire up your passion, creativity, fertility, and spirituality! Yet at the same time there are tests, particularly at the end of July through August, forcing change in areas of your beliefs, attitudes, and spiritual awareness. This can be liberating and freeing or it can be anxiety-producing, particularly if you are holding onto old ways of being/doing/thinking simply because they feel safe, secure, or familiar. In addition, there can be tests on your path at the end of July and throughout August–both in your career and your personal life. These trials don’t necessarily mean that you are at a dead end, they merely test the foundation upon which you have built. If the trials pass, then growth can continue, but if they do not, then Saturn will be letting you know that something has come to the end of its road. The sooner you let go, the sooner your load will lighten.



This is a summer to dive deep and become passionate, rather than stay on the surface and remain light-hearted. With the Grand Water Trine lighting up your water houses you have support for an inward, downward journey into your deepest emotions and depths of soul. At the end of July and throughout August you can be asked to deal with finances, debt, financial, or sexual boundaries. Old toxic habits die hard, but die (or transform) they must! On top of that, Saturn is in your 12th house digging up your greatest fears and shadows so you can face them, own them, and integrate them. With planets triggering Saturn in August it can play out as a spiritual crisis. Question everything: your beliefs, your attitudes, and the way you choose to see the world around you. The moment you question things you leave yourself open for new answers to reveal themselves.




July starts off on a powerful note, particularly for you. In the first two weeks the focus is on testing in your relationships: friendship, romantic, and otherwise.  It’s time to get clear about why people are in your life and if you cannot make sense of it then it may be time to let them go. Luckily the Grand Water Trine, will ensure that the Universe will deliver new connections that will sync with you on deeper levels once you have created space for them! August is the month where it can get a bit more intense–change is in the air and addressing what is outdated or outmoded in your relationships, home/family life, and/or personal direction is key right now. With Jupiter in Cancer, your growth comes through your emotional connections with others–so get out of your shell (or armored castle) and mingle!




The month of July kicks off with a push-pull energy between hard work, responsibility, and discipline and the desire for radical change and freedom. Focusing on committing and seeing things through is the way to go, as more freedom and liberation will come to you as a result. The summer will bring some major opportunities to do more of what you love and generate abundance from it!  Yet at the same time there is testing, particularly when it comes to your day to day work and/or your health and well-being. Finding a new balance between work and inner life/spiritual life/retreat is key. If August brings reality checks and/or road blocks to career aspirations or important partnerships you’d do best to debate your choices and take your time. Once Mars moves into your house of partnership at the end of the month it’s time to act or be acted upon!




This is the summer to ignite (or reignite) your passion, creativity, spiritual path, self-expression, and/or bring life to your dreams! In late July Venus moves into your house of relationship and the Sun and Mercury will follow in  August. This increases the focus on your relationships and the need to obtain a sense of clarity around them–yet all these planets oppose Neptune and then Chiron in your sign.  Seeing yourself and others clearly and clarifying boundaries are necessary.  In late July and all through August you are asked to come into a whole new level of confidence and charisma, but it may necessitate letting go of old self-deprecating habits or perhaps friendships/associations that don’t make you feel good about yourself. It’s time to become very, very clear on what you love, what brings you to life, and what feeds your soul. Pursue only that which lights your inner fire and let everything else fall away.



Divine Harmony is an astrologer with a Masters Degree in Depth Psychology. She writes astrology columns, does personal readings, teaches astrology classes, and is in the midst of writing a book on the Dark Feminine. For more information visit her website: divineharmony.org.

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