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11 Best Foods You’re Not Eating


Recently the New York Times republished an article from Men’s Health entitled, “The 11 Best Foods You’re Not Eating.” Because we’re all looking to get healthy in this new decade, here’s the lowdown on what you should be eating more of: 1) Beets 2) Cabbage 3) Swiss Chard 4) Cinnamon 5) Pomegranate Juice 6) Dried Plums 7) Pumpkin Seeds 8) Sardines 9) Turmeric 10) Frozen Blueberries 11) Canned Pumpkin Do you have any of these superfoods in your house? To read the article in its entirely, click … [Read more...]

Our Dreams are Healing Remedies

Beautiful young woman sleeping

Are you a dreamer? Whether you call yourself a dreamer or not, experts say that everyone has several dreams every night. Only those dreams that occur right when you wake up, you are likely to recall. Many are just forgotten. Do you know that how you remember your dreams depends upon your health, your personality, your motivation, new skills, and the part of the world you live in. by Svetlana Konnikova, MA, AN I know some people that learned to use their dreams to solve problems, stimulate … [Read more...]

Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain

Situated with picturesque views of both Paradise Valley and the legendary Camelback Mountain, the Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain offers guests a unique blend of desert elegance and Zen living. Environment The Asian-inspired property instantly calms the senses (and cools the body) from the moment you walk into the reception area. After checking in, head to the Jade Bar for a cocktail. Then gaze out the floor-to-ceiling windows, which offer sweeping views of the Paradise Valley. For dinner, head … [Read more...]

Spa Director Karen Shawn

spa director - karen shawn Name of current spa: Miraval Life In Balance What year you started there: 2006 Previous experience that you want to share: I've been working in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years. For the past seven years, I've been employed by three top hotel companies internationally - in Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean. This incredible experience has given me an amazing insight into what it is like to work with different cultures in diverse environments. My … [Read more...]

In-flight Acupressure

in-flight acupressure for mind/body bliss Airplane cabin pressure and super-dry, recycled air are a well-known drag for the sinuses, skin, eyes, and soul. Even on short flights, the combo of cabin pressure and stale, dry air can trigger skull-aches, itchy eyes, swollen extremities and low spirits. But the good news is, help is literally at your fingertips, via acupressure. This ancient Chinese healing modality was invented thousands of years before cabin air pressure, but practicing in-flight … [Read more...]

The Findbliss Guide to Spa Etiquette

We all know that the best spas are designed for people to find bliss and rejuvenation (or maybe just a fab pedicure). But spas can also be intimate theatres of human behavior, where therapists, technicians and certain types of equipment have the power to heal you, hurt you, or leave you otherwise disappointed. After a decade of reporting on spas for such magazines as InStyle, Spa magazine and Healing Lifestyles & Spas, I've formulated several do's and don'ts for ensuring the best possible … [Read more...]

Iceland Spas

iceland spas: geo-thermal gourmet bathing Steaming with pristine geothermal pools in snowy landscapes under azure blue skies, Iceland is arguably the only country on earth that qualifies as one giant spa. Where else in the world can you relax year-round in natural geothermal lagoons surrounded by lava fields and black sandy beaches watching marine birds winging their way out to sea? For the gourmet spa bather, Iceland is especially enchanting given that it’s situated in the empire of the … [Read more...]

santa fe spa guide

Along with its soothing Southwestern vibe, pinon-scented pure air and rugged mountain views, Santa Fe, New Mexico is also a spa-goer's paradise. Featuring top-of-the-line day and destination spas to satisfy all tastes and budgets, Santa Fe is a superb spot for a spa vacation. Because of its high altitude, however, definitely allow a day or two for your body to acclimate before jumping into a Jacuzzi or going for a sauna. Here is an overview of our favorites places to spa in this gem of a resort … [Read more...]

The Family Spa Vacation

written by kyle roderick Puzzling over where to take your family on vacation? Why not combine traveling with a sojourn in a spa that caters especially to families seeking bliss and balance? The family-friendly spa options listed below offer deep renewal, diverse activities and therapeutic treatments that can nurture and bond family members. Should you decide to go ahead and schedule a trip at one of these properties, be sure to book spa treatments well in advance of your visit. … [Read more...]

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