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Wine Cheese Chocolate July/August

Sangria with bottle

  Compiled by Vanessa Harris Photos by David Young-Wolff Sangria by Frey Organic Wine   Do you love red wine but find it a bit too robust for the warm summer months? Here’s a solution: Frey Organic Red Wine crafted into a homemade sangria makes for a refreshing tipple to enjoy any time of the year. Located in Mendocino County, Frey Vineyards is the largest winery to have taken on the challenge of producing truly organic wine. Made with no added sulfites, their wines support … [Read more...]

Summer Soothers ~ Seasonal Spa Treatments

Treatment Room-1ONA

  Good times under the sun’s rays can get the better of us sometimes, which calls for some TLC during the summer season. These treatments soothe and heal, and remind us to take extra care of ourselves. By Marina Chetner, Vanessa Harris, and Felicia Tomasko Beauty Balance Scalp Treatment Ona Spa Los Angeles If all signs of tension caused by traffic gridlock don’t dissipate upon entering the calm of this Balinese-inspired space, they will during Ona Spa’s Beauty Balance Scalp Treatment. … [Read more...]

Wine Cheese and Chocolate June 2013


Living Light with Raw   By Vanessa Harris Valli Unite’s Il Brut and the Beast Vino da Tavola   While perusing Matthew Kenney’s M.A.K.E. menu in Santa Monica, you’ll come across a list of assorted homemade and brewed beverages: almond milk, cold pressed juices, fizzy kombuchas, and fruity smoothies. The refreshment that may catch you off guard on the strictly raw menu is Valli Unite’s Il Brut and the Beast sparkling wine.   This biodynamic sparkling wine is … [Read more...]

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