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Snatam Kaur – Prem

Snatam Kaur - Prem

Snatam Kaur's album Prem is a Chant Album from the Sacred Writings of the Sikhs to experience Love. Prem means the experience of love, deep love. It is the love that you have the courage and wisdom to feel in yourself for yourself, it is the love that God feels for you. Release Date - 2002 Genres: chanting, kirtan, spiritual MORE MUSIC from Snatam Kaur DOWNLOAD or LISTEN to sample tracks from Snatam Kaur - Prem in the Find Bliss Music Store … [Read more...]

Snatam Kaur – Anand

Snatam Kaur - Anand

On Anand, layers of keyboard, harmonium, tabla, violin, sarod, bass and the dancing flute of Manose create an incredible landscape behind Snatam's ethereal vocals. This album carries a message of profound bliss and joy. Anand means bliss. But it is not just bliss in the way that we are used to. … [Read more...]

Snatam Kaur – Grace

Snatam Kaur - Grace

Snatam's latest release, GRACE, brims with an understated joy. With deeply-moving music composed jointly by Snatam Kaur and Thomas Barquee, Snatam's flawless voice dances over gentle flute, Indian violin, nylon string guitar and sublte keyboards. … [Read more...]

Snatam Kaur – Celebrate Peace

Snatam Kaur - Celebrate Peace

Snatam Kaur's heart-opening new release is a musical celebration of the spirit of peace featuring 3 beautiful new songs as well as transcendent mantras and musical invocations of peace from her previous albums. This CD is part of the Celebrate Peace program, which spreads a hopeful message and cultivates the practice of peace. We believe in the power of peace and we witness peace everyday, all around us. Peace begins with a choice, develops through practice, and spreads by example. READ MORE - … [Read more...]

Snatam Kaur

Snatam Kaur

Snatam Kaur is one of the most celebrated young devotional artists performing today. Her angelic chants and songs deliver enchanting prayers to enhance yoga, meditation, healing practices or to sooth and enrich your work environment. … [Read more...]

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