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Sanctuary for Sleep


Transforming the bedroom may be just what the sleep doctor ordered.  It was just over a decade ago when Armella Stepan’s life changed. The former General Manager of Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica was scheduled for a routine laparoscopy and a brief inpatient stay. Instead, a life-threatening surgical mishap hospitalized her for two months. Upon her return home, things spiraled out of control. Unknowingly, Stepan had been treated with Avitan, an addictive anxiety medication, leaving her … [Read more...]

Liquid Mind – Sleep

Liquid Mind - Sleep

Liquid Mind VIII: Sleep is the eighth soothing album in Liquid Mind's series of ultra-slow healing music, and honors the need in all of us for quality rest. As we spend nearly a third of our lives in sleep, devoting a few minutes to a pre-sleep regimen is a good investment in a long healthy life. Liquid Mind VIII: Sleep is deeply tranquil, and easy on the ears, a perfect companion to our preparation for a good night's sleep. Composer Chuck Wild presented at the American Music Therapy Conference … [Read more...]

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