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Sanctuary for Sleep


Transforming the bedroom may be just what the sleep doctor ordered.  It was just over a decade ago when Armella Stepan’s life changed. The former General Manager of Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica was scheduled for a routine laparoscopy and a brief inpatient stay. Instead, a life-threatening surgical mishap hospitalized her for two months. Upon her return home, things spiraled out of control. Unknowingly, Stepan had been treated with Avitan, an addictive anxiety medication, leaving her … [Read more...]

Mariel Hemingway finds Refuge at Home

Mariel Hemingway

At 51, Mariel Hemingway says she is finally learning how to play. A setting for the pursuit for play is found in her cozy 1.7 acre ranch that features an expanding outdoor gym and organic farm set deep in Malibu Canyon. Mariel shares this idyllic setting Mariel with her partner, Bobby Williams. Bobby is delivering the workout ethos of Venice Beach to the couple’s ranch. He’s continually adding to the converted corral lined with sand, where he's installed a pair of custom-built balance bars … [Read more...]

Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain

Situated with picturesque views of both Paradise Valley and the legendary Camelback Mountain, the Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain offers guests a unique blend of desert elegance and Zen living. Environment The Asian-inspired property instantly calms the senses (and cools the body) from the moment you walk into the reception area. After checking in, head to the Jade Bar for a cocktail. Then gaze out the floor-to-ceiling windows, which offer sweeping views of the Paradise Valley. For dinner, head … [Read more...]

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