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Herbs That Chill

Who among us doesn’t want, need or look forward to chilling out with legal, effective and nontoxic help? Here are some herbal tea time tips that can help you remake/remodel your mood in a matter of minutes. Some caveats, however: *As with all plant products, some people may be allergic to the herbs discussed below. *If you are taking prescription drugs, first ask your doctor if there are any known drug interactions with the herbs listed here. … [Read more...]

Deva Premal

Deva Premal - Embrace

Deva Premal grew up in Germany in a spiritual family where she was introduced at an early age to chanting and meditation. Her mother is a musician and her father an artist. "My father has been on the spiritual path since the 50's, studying Yoga, spiritual scriptures and whatever books were available back then, making it his daily discipline to meditate every morning between three and five am," she says. "When I was growing up he devised exercises for my sister and I, to help us become more … [Read more...]

Homegrown Comfort

In the hills above Mill Valley, George and Karen Mandala have built a sunny one-bedroom, two-bathroom home on “green” principles to provide a nourishing retreat – and a nest for raising their daughter, 3-month-old Shaina. Amid sky-high Bay Area real estate prices and enormous new homes, the Mandalas prove that it’s possible to create a warm, welcoming and environmentally-friendly home without state lottery winnings. The setting is part of the magic. The house is built on a hillside … [Read more...]

Armageddon or Enlightenment

One can't watch television, pick up a newspaper or surf a web site without being barraged by fear-based stories of doom and gloom. Our politicians treat us to scary images of mushroom clouds and a host of horrible weapons in "the wrong hands" as rationale to preemptively invade sovereign countries. Their sights are now seemingly set on two other points in the Axis of Evil: Iran and North Korea. Color-coded terror alerts are suspiciously raised in direct relation to falling poll numbers. We are … [Read more...]

Financial Alchemy

Financial Alchemy: Changing Your Relationship with Money Your current financial situation is a direct reflection of your inner relationship with Money. If you don't like your finances, something needs to change in your relationship. This is where Alchemy comes in. Alchemy is the art of transformation. With roots in ancient Egypt and classical Greece, Alchemy comes from a time when there was no distinction between science and magic. The mysteries of matter and consciousness were inextricably … [Read more...]

The Garden of Simplicity

Simplicity of living is not a new idea. It has deep roots in history and finds expression in all of the world's wisdom traditions. More than two thousand years ago, in the same historical period that Christians were saying "Give me neither poverty nor wealth," (Proverbs 30:8), the Taoists were asserting "He who knows he has enough is rich" (Lao Tzu), Plato and Aristotle were proclaiming the importance of the "golden mean" of a path through life with neither excess nor deficit, and the Buddhists … [Read more...]

Cultivating Your Bliss

cultivating your bliss: how to avoid making yourself miserable in meditation When you are meditating and your brain is thinking of your next appointments and choreographing the day and night, what is going on? Your brain and body are synchronizing the dance of it all, feeling the pulse of time, the beat of your heart and the beat of the day. If you allow this you will notice that there is a bliss of being in synch with the rhythm of your day. … [Read more...]

Swim with Zillionaire Dolphins

swim with zillionaire dolphins and avoid zero sharks and tuna I divide the world into two groups: My People and Not My People. My People are Dolphins; happy, friendly, and rich. Not My People come in two species: Sharks who want to eat you; or Tuna who want to complain to you. You can tell who's who by the way you feel after you've been with them, and the state of your bank account. Dolphins put money in your pocket and a song in your heart. Sharks rob you and leave you bleeding. Tuna cry for … [Read more...]

Intimacy and Communication

Intimacy is the art of keeping one's heart authentically open. Intimacy within relationships allows us to deepen the intimacy within our Self. Intimacy within our Self creates positive, soulful, and inventive relationships with the world. Our deepest learning, frightening realizations and authentic measurement of our evolution lives inside of romantic relationships. … [Read more...]

Ring of Rhythm

Throughout the ages, indigenous cultures from all corners of the world have embraced the throbbing, heartbeat call of drums. From Polynesia and the African continent to the native peoples of North and South America, the pulsing music of rhythmic drumming has brought people together, helped unify inhabitants into cohesive populations, and defined the borders of communities. … [Read more...]

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