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Horoscope July/August 2013

ARIES This summer there is a focus on your growth and expansion emotionally and relationally--particularly when it comes to family connections and dynamics. With planets piling up in your 4th house and the Grand Water Trine lighting up your other water houses--it is time to turn within and address the past and its impact on your present, as well as tune into your dreams, intuition, and spiritual side. At the same time there is testing about what you really want, especially when it comes to your … [Read more...]

Weekly Horoscope July 26

this week is potent and intense! it seems like those words accurately sum up most of 2010 so far and definitely the next month of outer planet transits, and this week is no exception. on monday saturn opposes uranus for the 5th and final time, but for the first time in the signs of libra and aries. the pitting of the old versus the new, status quo versus change, commitment and stability versus change and rebellion is in full effect this week! shifts in how we relate to the Sacred Feminine … [Read more...]

Weekly Horoscope May 3

this week has a lot of activity- too much to include in one written horoscope (it would be a couple pages long!) so i am focusing on the hot spots.  to see the more detailed aspects read my weekly astrology blog which talks about every major aspect that occurs during the week.  the hot spot this week is mars!  mars has been in leo for over 6 months now!  mars entered leo in mid-october of last year and then stationed retrograde in late december for just under 3 months.  typically mars speeds … [Read more...]

Weekly Horoscope March 29

it's a very busy week astrologically speaking! we start the week off with a bang with the full moon in libra aligned with saturn bringing our focus to relationships, boundaries, and balance in our lives. where things are out of balance we will feel it! with the sun in aries and the moon in libra the self/other axis is highlighted. where ever you are overly focused you need to adjust. at the start of the week mercury and venus align- bringing both mind and heart together in firey, … [Read more...]

Weekly Horoscope Feb 15

it's a pivotal week. fresh on the heels of the new moon conjunct neptune and chiron, this week we have the actual conjunction of neptune and chiron- an aspect that has been building up since 2009. where ever you have aquarius in your chart you have been undergoing deep healing and spiritual illumination. it has been both subtle and obvious- within and without. this week a major corner is turned and your journey of spiritual healing, awakening and expansion of awareness takes a massive leap … [Read more...]

Weekly Horoscope Jan 25

there are a lot of dynamic aspects this week which should definitely keep us all on our toes!  on monday mercury tensely aspects retrograde mars by both degree and declination.  conversations and communications can get testy and heated- but what is said needs to be said!  this is an echo of similar aspects that occurred on january 14th-16th, so these conversations are not new.   finding the best way to say it is your spiritual work now.  retrograde mars is very active this week, bringing up … [Read more...]

New Moon in Sagittarius

new moon in sagittarius- 12/16/09 at 4:02am PST as i write this and you read this we are in the dark of the moon- that mysterious, magical time just before the new moon starts a new moon cycle. the new moon is symbolic of new beginnings and is a good time to start things governed under the sign it falls in as well as the house it falls in and aspects it makes in one's natal chart. the new moon occurs when the sun and moon are aligned at the same degree which we see visually as only a sliver of … [Read more...]

Full Moon in Taurus-11/2/09

the next full moon falls in the sign of taurus on monday november 2nd at 11:14am PST. this full moon is called the beaver full moon in colonial american terminology, the snow moon in english medieval, and my favorite- the dark moon in celtic :) it follows on the heels of the pagan holiday samhain- which is celebrated from october 31st-november 1st and is the largest of the pagan holidays and is affiliated with the celtic tradition. this holiday is the time when the veil between the worlds is … [Read more...]

Full Moon in Aries-10/3/09

so we are approaching the midway point of the recent moon cycle that commenced on september 18th at the virgo new moon. that new moon was very powerful as it was conjunct saturn and opposite uranus, bringing the saturn/uranus opposition into focus during this new lunar cycle seeding time. the new moon is a time to begin new ventures and initiate things. it is a time to plant seeds. yet the ruler of the new moon, mercury, was retrograde at the time of the new moon, which we are traditionally told … [Read more...]

Chakra Astrology – November

written by aura galadriel wright / illustrations by kiko kennedy November 2008 Welcome to Chakra Astrology. This look reflects the wisdom of the ancients. Each sign is ruled by one of the 7 planets (stars) that can be seen in the sky with our eyes. From the top down, they are: Jupiter, the Moon, Venus, Mercury, the Sun, Mars and Saturn. These 7 planets equate with the 7 Chakras, which is reflected by the colors below. Each sign is color coded to match the Chakra it corresponds with. … [Read more...]

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