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8 Healing Herbs for Curing What Ails You


by Svetlana Konnikova, MA, AN Many healing herbs, plants and flowers have been traditionally used for centuries in our homes to treat a variety of minor illnesses and injuries. What follows is a list of safe and useful herbs that can be used to treat different ailments and conditions during New Year. Raspberries are my favorite berries, a good source of vitamin C. I love to eat them fresh, to put into my hot tea. When one of the members of my family has cold or flu –1-2 teaspoons of … [Read more...]

5 Herbs to Calm your Nerves

When you’re super-stressed, sometimes taking a deep Belly Breath just doesn’t cut it. Fortunately there are herbs out there that can help you when you’re feeling anxious, nervous or overwhelmed. These five herbs have been hailed for centuries for their ability to help you chill out. Just as a precaution, you should always check with your doctor before taking any dietary supplement. Valerian Root Valerian Root is native to Europe and Asia and was used in ancient Greece to treat a variety of … [Read more...]

Herbs That Chill

Who among us doesn’t want, need or look forward to chilling out with legal, effective and nontoxic help? Here are some herbal tea time tips that can help you remake/remodel your mood in a matter of minutes. Some caveats, however: *As with all plant products, some people may be allergic to the herbs discussed below. *If you are taking prescription drugs, first ask your doctor if there are any known drug interactions with the herbs listed here. … [Read more...]

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