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8 Healing Herbs for Curing What Ails You


by Svetlana Konnikova, MA, AN Many healing herbs, plants and flowers have been traditionally used for centuries in our homes to treat a variety of minor illnesses and injuries. What follows is a list of safe and useful herbs that can be used to treat different ailments and conditions during New Year. Raspberries are my favorite berries, a good source of vitamin C. I love to eat them fresh, to put into my hot tea. When one of the members of my family has cold or flu –1-2 teaspoons of … [Read more...]

Actions of Faith


What would you do today if you were certain that God was taking care of you? You would certainly smile. Is it possible to smile even through adversity? It almost seems sacrilege to smile when life seems to not smile. Which is a true reflection? Do you have to smile first before life smiles back at you and how long do you need to smile before contentment and ease arrive? Perhaps life is always smiling and the view of its smile is only seen through certain perspectives. If so, what might those … [Read more...]

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