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Define Your Bliss

The state of Bliss as we define it is a dynamic state or phenomenon. How do we know this? Years of experimentation, following paths, finding teachers, working at it and surrendering into it. People do not get to a state of Bliss and just stay there, particularly in busy urban areas in which many of us choose to live. Daily practice is the key to maintaining the dynamic state of balance that involves frequently correcting and adjusting. The purpose of the work at Find Bliss is to be able to … [Read more...]

Yogitoes Skidless Yoga Mat

Susan Nichols, Yogi Toes Founder

Yogitoes is one of today's most popular yoga supply companies, and for good reason. Founder Susan Nichols designs her products from her own experiences. Her signature Skidless Yoga Mat was created in response to slipping on her mat during practice, and finding no solutions on the market. After designing a towel to grip both her feet and her yoga mat, she soon embarked into other products. … [Read more...]

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