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MEET ARTIST AND NORTH SHORE YOGA INSTRUCTOR MICHELE BOSHAR “I have always left at least a small space in my life for my art with the intention of creating something beautiful and telling a story.  the result hopefully satisfies both and is always cathartic.”   This week we lean in with popular north shore yoga instructor Michele Boshar.  Michele is highly regarded not only for her mastery on the mat but also for the grace and peace she expresses through her work as a fine art painter.  When … [Read more...]



I really enjoy massages and fully understand their benefits, but the idea of spending an afternoon in mid-December doing that…. well that seemed nothing short of ludicrous! Let me clarify: I am busy and a Type A, which means I have lots of ideas, all of the time and I have the need to explore most of them, all of the time. Stopping and surrendering for a few hours in the midst of what many consider the busiest time of year was not one of them! Having reached a big milestone birthday this year, … [Read more...]

30 Minutes to Bliss

Release stress, boost your immunity, and honor yourself by creating an at-home bathing ritual When was the last time you enjoyed a long soak in your bathtub? Maybe you shy away from taking baths because of time, or prefer the ease of the shower;either way, skipping your nightly bath is a missed opportunity to boost your immunity, releasing stress, and honor yourself with a little me-time. … [Read more...]

The Celebration of the Sun

The Summer Solstice, Latin for "the sun, which stands still", is a perfect time to begin a new ritual; something that you can practice and honor each year that marks a new beginning for you. Celebrate the longest day of the year, by rising early and heading outside to connect with the Earth's rhythms. You don't have to travel far; just escaping from the bustle of the city, where the world is quiet and you can hear the hum of Nature will enable you to reflect on this transitional time. What does … [Read more...]

Meditation Nation

In many religions and philosophies, winter is the season of turning inward for self-contemplation and self-nurturing. Now is the perfect time to join 50 million Americans, (19 percent of the population), who practice some form of meditation. But what is meditation? How do you get started? … [Read more...]

Planting Seeds of Financial Bliss

Does your list of credit card payments, interest rates and other expenses creep into your thought stream while you walk, relax or meditate? Has your credit score become your higher power? Pangs of guilt diminish the joy of a new purchase of the perfect handbag, golf club or cell phone? … [Read more...]

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