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Bring Nature Indoors for Health and Harmony


Right now - stop, take a moment, and recall a time when you felt completely relaxed and at peace. For many of us, that experience involved being surrounded by the healing energy of nature. Whether breathing in the ocean air, daydreaming under the sun, or walking along a mountain steam, nature can have a magical way of melting away stress, uplifting mood, and soothing the soul. Bringing nature into the living environment increases health, happiness, and productivity, according to feng shui. As … [Read more...]

Home Office Feng Shui

If you are at all familiar with Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese practice of balancing your surroundings, you may have heard that one should never sit with their back to a door. This simple, general truth is based on the theory that you will feel uncomfortable and unable to focus well if you have your back to the opening of a room. This is also just plain common sense and most people can relate to this general premise. We all feel most stable with a view in front of us and a solid wall behind us. … [Read more...]

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