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Greening Your Nest

Over the last five years, homeowners and even renters have begun to look toward more eco-friendly products for their nests, hoping to keep style without sacrificing their environmental ethos. In fact, according to the National Association of Homebuilders, there was a 20 percent growth in green building in 2005. But, how do you find green design and home building materials? Enter the age of the green home store. With locations across the country, these retail shops specialize in everything from … [Read more...]

At Home With Gurutej

A miniature Spanish castle with soft golden exterior, fluted tile roof, majestic triangular windows, and circular walls of architecture, this home is fit for a queen. As I approach the gate I notice a small tag, the kind you may find on a birthday gift, dangling from a ribbon: Bless this home. Bless all who enter this home. Bless all that happens in this home. I soon discover what a blessed gift this home is. … [Read more...]

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