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Why You Need to Cut Back on Salt

According to new research, cutting your salt intake may be more important than you may think. A new study reports that if the United States cut its salt intake by just a half teaspoon a day, we could prevent 92,000 deaths and 99,000 heart attacks a year. "The [ heart] benefits of reduced salt intake are on par with the benefits of population-wide reductions in tobacco use, obesity, and cholesterol levels," says Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, PhD. The culprit, says researchers, isn’t the saltshaker, … [Read more...]

How to Retrain your Mind About Food


This innovative book can teach you how to win your battles with food in 7 easy steps! For some people, the most difficult thing about the holidays isn’t the financial stress. It’s not the pressure of entertaining relatives or flying across the country. It’s the food. You know how it goes. Suddenly there’s Christmas tree cookies at work, fudge at the neighbor’s house. And the eggnog. Let’s not even get into the eggnog! In her book, “Why Am I Eating This? 7 Simple Steps to Retrain your Mind … [Read more...]

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