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Deva Premal – Love Is Space


Glowing with an inspiring, heart-centered passion, love is space sets a new musical standard for mantra singing and is the perfect instrument for creating a calm, impenetrable oasis on the massage table, meditation cushion or yoga mat. Deva Premal's gorgeous voice floats above graceful arrangements on guitar, piano, harmonium, flute and light percussion, bringing these ancient mantras to life. Love is Space, Deva Premal's second solo album, contains six sacred mantras from India, including … [Read more...]

Deva Premal – Into Silence

Deva Premal - Into Silence

Deva Premal, international superstar of sacred chant, has sold more than 700,000 records and now, for the first time, her most popular meditative works are collected in one album. Into Silence offers a soothing compilation of some of her most divine, meditative chants and mantras to help you "awaken the longing in your heart amidst the blessed space of silence." READ MORE - Featured Artists CD Reviews DOWNLOAD or LISTEN to sample tracks from Breath of the Heart in the Find Bliss Music Store … [Read more...]

Deva Premal – Moola Mantra

Deva Premal - Moola Mantra

Bestselling singer Deva Premal offers an expression of Oneness honoring all spiritual paths, religions, creeds and traditions. Guided by Deva's magnificent voice, the Moola Mantra moves through a landscape of sitar, bansuri, dotar, string quartet, grand piano, tabla and ambient electronica. Produced by Ben Leinbach, the CD features special guest musicians Jai Uttal, Nepalese flautist Manose, Kit Walker and Benjy Wertheimer. White Swan Records is proud to proffer this portrait of an artist on a … [Read more...]

Deva Premal – Embrace

Deva Premal - Embrace

Embrace finds this best-selling singer at the height of her art, expressing the ancient wisdom of mantra through a contemporary musical vision. Deva Premal's gorgeous voice, richer and more assured than ever before, floats above a cool, sensual groove provided by some of today's finest world fusion artists. Genres: chanting, kirtan, spiritual READ MORE – Deva Premal Bio and Tour Dates READ MORE - Featured Artists CD Reviews DOWNLOAD or LISTEN to sample track from Deva Premal - Embrace in the … [Read more...]

Deva Premal

Deva Premal - Embrace

Deva Premal grew up in Germany in a spiritual family where she was introduced at an early age to chanting and meditation. Her mother is a musician and her father an artist. "My father has been on the spiritual path since the 50's, studying Yoga, spiritual scriptures and whatever books were available back then, making it his daily discipline to meditate every morning between three and five am," she says. "When I was growing up he devised exercises for my sister and I, to help us become more … [Read more...]

Deva Premal – The Essence

Deva Premal

Deva Premal's debut album has become a best seller and is one of the most popular albums in the New Age world. The great artist Cher cites Deva's Gayatri Mantra "the oldest and most powerful of all mantras" as her preferred CD for yoga, and showcased it onstage as part of her Farewell Tour. Deva Premal's version of the Gayatri Mantra has become the number one single in the yoga music category. … [Read more...]

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