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Spirit of the Drum – Firedance

Spirit of the Drum - Firedance

For as long as man has walked the face of the earth, there have been drums. This recording is a tribute to the longevity, importance, communication, and inner power of this, the oldest of instruments! Incorporating drums from every corner of the world with five extended tracks ranging from slow to fast tempos, the deep resonating healing frequencies flow throughout the body and soul. Firedance is perfect for dance, body workouts, and with the occasional support by other instrumentation, the … [Read more...]

David Arkenstone – Echoes of Light and Shadow

David Arkenstone - Echoes of Light

There are echoes between music and art, grand intersections where painters ply their canvases and composers corral their notes. Both use contrast, the eternal dance between light and shadow, striving to illuminate something new and beautiful and startling and true Chiaroscuro is the painter’s solution for shaping Objects from the darkness, wielding one to conjure the other It’s this idea that inspired this collection, the desire to supply music for all the human emotions, the shadows and the sun … [Read more...]

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