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How to Co-Create Your World – A Recipe Card for Manifesting Intention

Part Nine: Practice the Presence We have reached the final installment of our nine-part journey in setting intention – Practice the Presence. The mind is capable of connecting with the creative space through repetition and visualization - a process that gradually increases with patience and practice. As you progress, you’ll reach a point of being present in the moment; of enjoying a seamless and lasting partnership with the flow. THERE ARE NO BOUNDARIES This past week, my parents and I … [Read more...]

How to Co-Create your World-A Recipe Card for Manifesting Intention

Part Eight: Gratitude “If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough,” ― Meister Eckhart Just as kale and blueberries are classified as super foods, gratitude could be considered a super emotion -- it increases happiness, strengthens relationships, promotes wellness, and reinforces pro-social behavior. Cultivating this super emotion increases our intake of emotional nutrients. The Link Between Gratitude and Happiness Taking M. Eckhart’s advice to heart and action, … [Read more...]

How to Co-Create your World-A Recipe Card for Manifesting Intention

Ashley-Receive the wonder

Part Seven: Receive The Wonder This statement reads so simply, yet the complexity of the concept has been deliberated by the likes of Plato and Buddhist monks. As daunted as those who took on this subject before myself, I decided to go out in search of the wonder. In this process, I found a self-portrait that I drew at age five: an inked outline of a woman (apparently I was well-developed in my mind) with the words “I love ME!” written boldly next to it. There it was, in its simplicity of … [Read more...]

How to Co-Create Your World-Recipe Card for Manifesting Intention

Ashley-Do the Work

Part Six: Do The Work – Move in Rhythm We are now more than halfway through our intention-setting process. Part six in our series is Do the work – Move in rhythm.  I detested homework, chores, or anything that could be claimed by the statement, “Go do your work,” when I was a kid. That changed when I came to understand the concept of ebb and flow, or the process of Do The Work – Move in Rhythm. Cycles occur all around us, including the tides in the ocean, our sleep patterns, and even our … [Read more...]

How to Co-Create your World-A Recipe Card for Manifesting Intention

Ashley-offerings, not outcome

Part five: Offerings, Not Outcomes This month we arrive at the fifth step of intention setting: Offerings, not Outcomes.  I would like to offer a business model to explain this concept as well as add another helpful tool in intention setting. After college I was working in a creative field and, like many people at that point in one’s life, a little lost.  Seeing this, my father sat me down and told me I should utilize a “moving business plan” to develop a more solid plan for my life. Since … [Read more...]

How to Co-Create your World-A recipe card for Manifesting Intention

Ashley-release it jpg

Part four: Release It  We now step into the fourth stage of the nine-part intention-setting journey we began in September. Steps one through three have brought us to what I think is the most elusive step: Release it. Once you have deeply set the intention, let it go (with a dash of faith).   When talking about releasing and letting go of the intentions we have set, I use the term elusive because of the difficulty it takes to describe and achieve this state.  To quote Eugen Herrigal from Zen … [Read more...]

How to Co-Create Your World-A Recipe Card for Manifesting Intention

Ashley-Open to the Creative Source

Part three: Open to the Creative Source. We come to the third installment of the nine-part intention setting manual we began in September. The first article on Focus talked about creating the right state in your mind. That moved into the subject of the second article: Make clear your intention and seek tangible results.  What comes next is Opening to the creative source. The Creative Source is the place from which Mozart received his symphonic downloads and Shakespeare created his … [Read more...]

How to Co-Create Your World – A Recipe Card for Manifesting Intention

Ashley-Making Clear your intention

Part Two: Make Clear your Intention Last month we began a nine-part journey of setting intention with the first step being focus. Once we have created the space for focus we move onto step two – Make clear your intention. Seek tangible results.  This is important as the clearer your thoughts are, the easier they will manifest.  To understand how to gain clarity within ourselves, we consider three essential conditions to achieving a clear state: Do no Harm, Benefit Others – With deep … [Read more...]

How to Co-Create Your World – A Recipe Card for Manifesting Intention


This is the first in a nine-part series dedicated to revealing a recipe card for people who wish to see their intentions come to life.  Part One: Focus Intention is focused energy. It can be a thought, a blessing, and a prayer or any act of consciousness that is designed to create an action or a result. Throughout this series, we will explore nine scientific steps that have been demonstrated to help manifest your intention; by the end of this series you will possess a tool kit to co-create the … [Read more...]

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