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Fall Spa Treatments ~ Herbs & Spice & Everything Nice

The end of the year heralds all things festive and indulgent. Fall in step with the season — spruce up with treatments rich in aromatic herbs and spices to prep for the holiday celebrations ahead.

By Felicia Tomasko, Zoe Kors, and Marina Chetner

Expert Beauty Facial

Le Spa at Sofitel

Beverly Hills

Arrive early and recline in the dimly lit, dark-wall-chic of the Serenity lounge to indulge on mint tea and sweet dates before your treatment. The Expert Beauty Facial starts with a detoxifying aroma pressure back massage, which instant relaxes as you inhale the soothing scents of myrrh, frankincense, and lavender essential oils — cosmetic aromatherapy is at the heart of the Decléor range, and of this treatment. Then under the expert care of your aesthetician (in my case, the excellent Tej Maarfi), your visage is tended to: it is cleansed — the ylang ylang and melaleuca mint extracts smell divine — and exfoliated (extractions incl.). Icing on the cake: the soothing mask. Made of dry extracts of blueberry, liquorice, and alginates, mixed with the hydrating essential oils of neroli, chamomile, marjoram, and lavender, it peels off to reveal radiant, super dewy skin.  M.C.


80 min: $170



Espresso Limon Firm and Fit

The Peninsula Hotel Spa

Beverly Hills

Your whole body treatment starts off with a rejuvenating dermal dry brushing; the wave-like motion of bristles against the skin stimulates the lymphatic system. After a round of wet brushing with Epicuren Citrus Herbal Cleanser, your skin is layered with Epicuren Espresso Limon Oil — an antioxidant-rich mix of grapeseed, coffee seed, lemon peel oils, and wild-crafted Moroccan cinnamon. Cocooned in aluminum foil to encourage a sweat-induced toxin release, cares dissipate with a relaxing scalp and foot massage. Unwrapped, air dried, and spritzed with Vitamin Protein Complex, your skin looks lustrous and feels silky smooth. Reset in the spa lounge with a soothing cup of Peninsula Spa Signature Ginger Tea. Tip:  Ask for the pro, Lead Massage Therapist Mary Barragan, when booking this treatment! M.C.


60 min: $220



The Body Plan with Seasonal Enhancements

The Spa del Rey

Ritz Carlton Marina Del Rey

The Spa del Rey at the Ritz Carlton delivers perfection in the spa experience. The Body Plan custom massage with seasonal aromatherapy enhancements (two for one!) is a spicy antidote to the onslaught of Fall’s activities. My massage began with a Vanilla Purity Sugar Hand and Foot Scrub, followed by a Vanilla Paraffin Treatment — the vanilla fulfilled its promise as both a calming agent and  mood-enhancer. Based on my needs, my expert therapist added peppermint to relieve congestion and paid attention to my perpetually tense shoulders. I followed the massage with a customized Mani/Pedi: beginning with an effervescent Vanilla and Brown Sugar Soak and finishing with wHet (extended wear, vegan, nontoxic polish). Visit the Eucalyptus steam room and lounge by the pool for a micro-vacation. ZK

30 min: $120; 60 min: $180; 90 min: $250

Seasonal Enhancements: 2 for $25




Pumpkin and Apple Spice Peel

Veronica Skin and Body Care Center


Simply entering Veronica’s Skin and Body Care Center is a breath of fresh Malibu seaside air. Her treatments are in demand — in addition to her expertise as an anti-aging and skin care expert, spa proprietor Veronica Barton-Schwartz is a licensed aromatherapist who incorporates the healing powers of herbs and spices along with the latest in skincare technology in all of her treatments. One of her most popular facial add-ons is the Pumpkin and Apple Spice Peel; the spicy aroma alone is enough to make a person feel fed and invoke holiday joy. Since I tend to have a bit of acne, this recommended peel helps normalize pore size and oil production for skin like mine. The beta-carotene naturally found here creates staying power to maintain skin softness  beyond the treatment time. FT

facial 60 minutes, $110 plus add-ons, call for pricing



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