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Heal and Energize with Chakra Colors

chakra-colors-imageDiseases are said to be associated with your Chakra system via the dysfunction of a specific Chakra(s). Every Chakra has a color associated with it, and it is this color which may be needed to be nourished in the treatment program for your specific disease. To give you an example, for my thyroid issues, the color Blue, which is affiliated with the organs of the 5th Chakra, including the thyroid, is used to cauterize wounds in spiritual surgery. The color brings peace, truth, and quiet order, helps you speak the truth, increases sensitivity, strengthens the inner teacher.
Color is essential to health. It is a manifestation of a higher frequency that exists beyond the physical world ~ a manifestation of the divine. It is a electromagnetic wave that vibrates perpendicular to it’s path of movement. We all need colors in our auric fields. If you are clearly attuned, you will find yourself attracted to the color you specifically need.
I will provide you with a color chart below to explain the general effect of that color. Keep in mind, however, that if you have a particular aversion due to a painful past experience with that color of which you have an unpleasant reminder…you do not have to use that color right away, until you are ready.
Our energy fields are directly related to our relationship with these colors. For example, if your 1st and 2nd chakras (red and orange), are under-energized, you may feel a dampened energy emotionally, physically and sexually. In this case, you would need the color red to enhance your energy field for your emotional and physical health. Also to keep in mind, wearing the colors that you need, in this case red (and orange), may make you feel uncomfortable at first because you are struggling with these issues. But for you to really get in touch with yourself, and to heal, you have to be willing to be honest with yourself and willing to feel those feelings, to work through them.

Chakra 1: RED. Lower part of the body; adrenals; tailbone.
Chakra 2: ORANGE. Lower pelvis, sex organs, immune system.
Chakra 3: YELLOW. Solar plexus area, stomach, spleen, liver, pancreas, kidneys
Chakra 4: GREEN. Heart area, circulatory system
Chakra 5: BLUE. Throat, lungs, ears
Chakra 6: INDIGO. Eyes, head, lower brain
Chakra 7: WHITE. Upper brain, eyes

RED charges, protects and shields. It increases your connection to the earth; gives strength to life-force. Multiples Sclerosis patients need red and orange because the first and second chakras are most affected.
Maroon brings passion and will together.
Pink brings soft, yielding love for others.
Peach brings expanding light spirit.
ORANGE charges your sexual energy and enhances your immune system and ambition.
YELLOW provides more mental clarity, gives a sense of appropriateness.
GREEN give your balance and fullness.
BLUE brings peace, truth, and quiet order. Increases your sensitivity, helps you speak your truth, strengthens inner teacher. Blue also calms someone with ADD or ADHD, so you might consider painting a room this color.
Dark Blue brings a strong sense of purpose.
INDIGO helps you connect to the spiritual life, opens perception, brings the feeling of ecstasy.
Purple helps you move into spirituality and brings a sense of royalty, leadership and respect.
Lavender clears and purges invading micro-organisms, brings a lighthearted attitude toward life.
WHITE brings spiritual expansion and connection to others on the spiritual level; gives outward flow of energy; reduces pain, reduces pain. Purity.
Gold enhances the higher mind, brings a sense of great power; helps you connect to God and to the spiritual strength in you. Strengthen any part of the body. Cancer patients are said to need Gold, as cancer has a torn-open aura on the seventh level, which is gold.
Silver is very strong at purging microorganisms, used directly after lavender in cleaning out debris. It is used to cauterize wounds in spiritual surgery.
Platinum is even stronger than silver light, it also clears and purges invading microorganisms.
Brown is associated with a rich connection to the earth and grounding.
Black helps you stay centered and brings complete peace, waiting to be born into manifestation, brings you into Grace, deal with death, good to heal bones.

Sending you rainbows of light and color.

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