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4 Steps to Becoming a Better Partner

Sharing your life with someone is wonderful, but it’s not always easy. It takes time, patience, and a lot of work.

Even when you’re in a relationship you can really only control your own actions, so if you want to improve your life with the one you love, it’s best to begin from within. Use these four steps to help you become the best you and the best partner.

1) Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
No matter how great your partner is, after a while their habits start to get on your nerves. Couples who live together find this especially difficult and routinely engage in arguments about domestic issues: laundry, cooking, etc. Well, what we’re here to tell you is, don’t sweat the small stuff.

Think about it this way: is it really going to matter in a year if your partner left a pile of dirty dishes in the sink or that forgot to pay the phone bill? Probably not.

These issues do matter, but getting worked up about them every time they happen isn’t worth sacrificing your mental health. Instead, we recommend that the two of you and sit down to discuss these matters when you are both calm and not annoyed with one another. Which brings us to point #2…

2) Insist Upon Relationship “State of the Unions”
Becoming a better partner has a lot to do with recognizing your shortcomings and adjusting your behavior accordingly. We all know that you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge, so being open to hearing what your partner has to say is vital.

Sit down with your partner regularly to discuss what’s going on in your relationship. This can include everything from what you’re feeling to who’s bearing the brunt of the housework. Staying on top of these issues when they are basically non-issues will keep them from being blown out of proportion.

3) Live your Own Life
A person who lives a rich life is constantly growing. This person is constantly meeting new people, trying new things and having new experiences. In order for you to be able to contribute fully to your relationship, you need to be a person who is constantly growing.

Allow for some time outside of your relationship to have your own experiences, whether it’s taking a class or catching up with some friends once a month. A life outside your relationship with interests, friends and hobbies is sometimes the best thing you can bring to a relationship because they make you a more fulfilled, interesting person to be around.

4) Exercise Regularly
You might say “What does exercising have to do with being a better partner?” Well, in a word, everything!

Follow this logic: People who exercise are happier and healthier. Healthier and happier people feel better about themselves. Confident people are more optimistic than those with low self-esteem, are more likely to take on responsibility and are generally kind to others. Win, win win!

Of course, this is a non-exhaustive list. Listening, being honest and showing appreciation (among many others) will improve a relationship that may need a little TLC. You also might want to go home and ask your loved one what they think could make you a better partner for them!

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