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Going Mobile

Going Mobilegoing mobile: pioneering the on-location spa

In 2003, Kristina Schuff and Jeannie Owens were two pregnant entrepreneurs who were also at professional cross-roads. While Jeannie had been a massage therapist and Internet entrepreneur, Kristina had been a licensed aesthetician who had worked in advertising and marketing industries. While these enterprising San Diego, CA. women were carrying their babies, they were also searching for spas that would come to their homes and give them treatments.

When Internet searches turned up a distinct lack of such services in their area, Kristina and Jeannie joined forces to create PUUR Spa (www.puurspa.com) a mobile spa company that provided services on site. “I wrote the business plan,” says Schuff, “and five weeks later we had a booth at a San Diego bridal convention and were pitching prospective clients.”

Considering that both women were caring for their infants while they were birthing their company, it is all the more amazing that it took only three months from conceptualizing their idea to getting their first client serviced. Today, PUUR Spa’s menu is replete with organic, customized facials, massages, body scrubs, nail services and more. Men and women alike are regular customers, and the company is in the process of developing its first organically certified, unisex skin care line, “Puur Spa S.O.S.: Simply Organic Skin Care.”

While Schuff and Owens clearly have a passion for their services and clients, they also have a can-do approach to satisfying nurturing needs in eccentric settings. “My favorite booking involved setting up massage and spa service stations on every hole of a local golf course,” Schuff recalls. “This was a business conference, and it was so great to see all of these businessmen enjoying massages and other services on the greens.”

To satisfy demand from entrepreneurs around the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii, Schuff and Owens are presently offering a PUUR Spa licensing opportunity. “Day spas are expressing great interest,” says Schuff. “So many of them are realizing that there is tremendous desire for on-site spa services in the home, in the office and in hotels.” Only one PUUR Spa license will be issued per city or town, in order to ensure the integrity of the name. “We also carefully screen each applicant,” says Schuff. “We are more interested in building long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial than in selling our name, logo and ideas to businesses that may be unsuited to working with us.”

Another area that PUUR Spa is pioneering lies in concierge services in condo communities. “This makes up about 10 per cent of our business,” says Schuff, “but it’s growing steadily.” As the baby boomer population ages, it seems certain that mobile spa services will become ever more sought after by men and women, Owens ventures. “Being part of a new concept in the spa industry is mind-blowing,” says Schuff. “We started getting phone calls from around the country just a few weeks after we opened because Jeannie got us placed in search engines. We grew very fast for several reasons,” Schuff continues. “The Internet helped a lot; we were in the right place at the right time, and we forged alliances with hotels that don’t have on-site spas yet wanted to offer the option of in-room spa services to their guests.”

In addition, those bridal conventions really gave PUUR Spa a leg up: today 30 per cent of the business is comprised of bridal showers and bachelorette parties. “June is insane for us,” says Kristina with a laugh. “But our staff loves it because our clients routinely ask them to stay and enjoy the party. In the process, says Schuff, “Our staff end up being fed and cared for by our clients.” For the mobile spa chicks of PUUR Spa, the spa is anywhere the client is. As Schuff puts it: “Why shouldn’t people get a massage on the golfcourse or in the middle of their workday? It makes great health sense and professional sense. Our mission,” she concludes, “is all about the art of helping people feel better fast, anywhere they are.”

written by kyle roderick

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