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Wade Imre Morissette

Wade MorissetteFindBliss: Can you say a bit about your yoga practice? How and where did you start it and how has it evolved over the years?

Wade Morrissette: It started 13 or so years ago. I was 18 and had just traveled and come back to try one year at university. I stumbled across a few books on Eastern mysticism and was hooked. I dropped out of university and plunged headfirst into Ashtanga yoga with Pattabhi Jois and Sharat in Mysore (in India) and through curiosity explored many more traditions including Iyengar, Yoga Therapeutics, Mantra/Japa/ Vedic Chanting, and Bhakti yoga.

FB: Who were your primary yoga teachers? Did you have any other key teachers or mentors in your study of the philosophy or other spiritual practices?

WM: Most of my teachers are from India; Baba Hari Das, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram and its teachers, and Osho are my main influences. The most influential practice in my life is actually vipassana meditation. In one way or another all my practices have a major focus on calming and pointing the mind.

My other mentors are essentially all books that relate to psychosomatic work; anything to do with the evolution of yoga, from the physical to all other levels of being.

FB: Were there any specific experiences that you can point to that had you make the decision to follow the path you did to practicing and teaching yoga?

WM: I moved to Vancouver – woke up one morning shortly thereafter and immediately knew I had to go to India. It was definitely a calling and, at the same time, I was running from the “chaos” of my early 20’s (my sister’s fame, disconnect from family, a little lost).

FB: How did music play a part in your practice and teaching, and has that changed since you started recording your own music?

WM: In Mysore (where I lived for 6 months) and in Rishikesh and Chennai I began to chant as a mantra/mala practice. It had amazing results and it slowly became a big part of my sadhana. I always had a guitar when I traveled in India and would chant and sing while I traveled (especially on the overnight trains from Mumbai to Varanasi).

FB: What had you decide to create your own music, and how has that changed your vision and your day-to-day activities?

WM: It was a natural, concomitant thing to follow my passion for yoga, mind-focus practices and music. I began playing one or two chants at ashrams where I studied yoga (Rishikesh, Chennai, Mahabalipuram and Pune) and it led to one day I decided to record the chants I had been singing when I was (back) in Vancouver. I did record one song in Pune at the Osho Ashram during my first visit to India 12 years ago.

Wade Morrissette

FB: What message are you trying to get across or what are you trying to give to listeners with your music?

WM: There is nothing intentional about my music as far as what I want it to achieve with others. It’s my music and prayers essentially from the heart and when I sing them I feel good. That’s all.

FB: What bands or artists did you listen to or follow growing up?

WM: All over the place: Paul Simon, James Taylor, the Dave Matthews Band, Jack Johnson, John McLaughlin, and dance music too! (Anything that would make me want to get out on the floor and bust it!)

FB: What are you working on now?

WM: A Dance Mantra album for the fall called “BUST OUT”, plus my first book, by the end of December, called Living Your Joy: 12 Gateways to finding your Bliss.

FB: People always want to know what books you are currently reading; any books you might suggest to our readers?

WM: During my writing phase I don’t read a lot of books. If I get a lot of time for leisure I LOVE to read any kind of mountaineering story, like Banner in the Sky – my favorite book of all time!

FB: Are you vegan, vegetarian, or just a healthy eater? Can you share some of the foods you try to eat on a regular basis? Do you have any that might be considered a favorite treat or comfort food?

WM: I was vegan for one year, vegetarian for seven years and now I eat fish and chicken (no red meat). Who knows what I will eat tomorrow? Meat works for me. If I am at an ashram then vegetarian works quite well for me, too. It really depends on my environment. I advocate anybody eat what makes them feel “whole.”

FB: How do you define Bliss?

WM: Bliss is being happy and content inside – no matter the external influences that come upon you.

FB: What is the physical feeling, what are your thoughts about in that state? What can you say to help others know what they are looking for in terms of finding a state of Bliss?

WM: Become a master at listening to your inner thoughts, inclinations, and what your HEART is saying. Do what makes you happy. Commit to that!

FB: Can you describe some of your practices, or the steps you take to get yourself to this state of Bliss, or at least moving in that direction? Imagine yourself after a tough show or a number of days on the road.

WM: Good question. I like that you put me into a very realistic situation. Meditate. When all else fails, meditation works wonders for me on all levels. Chant. Sweat. Practice asanas. Be outdoors and in nature. All of these intermingling are my foundational yoga practice.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget — spend time with my wife and son!

written by peter corbett

Wade Morrissette has a number of albums that are available in the Find Bliss Music Store with sample tracks of each song, including Maha Moha and Strong As Diamonds

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More Music by Wade Morrissette in the Find Bliss Music Store:

Wade Morrissette - Maha Moha Wade Morrissette - Strong As Diamonds
Maha Moha Strong As Diamonds


San Francisco CA USA
September 27th, 2008
Fort Mason Herbst International Hall
Presidio Park

Vancouver BC CAN
October 4-5th, 2008
Vancouver Public Library
and Local YYOGA studios
Yogamonth.org | YYOGA.ca

Maya Tulum MEXICO
October 25- Nov 1, 2008
Baron Baptise Bootcamp

New York NY USA
November 21st, 2008
Big Apple Power Yoga

New York NY USA
November 22nd, 2008
Jivamukti Yoga

New York NY USA
November 23rd, 2008
Sonic Yoga

Naples FL USA
December 5-7, 2008
Bala Vinyasa Yoga

Dallas TX USA
January 23-25, 2009
Proactive Worx

Seattle WA USA
January 30th, 2009
Shakti Vinyasa Yoga

Midwest WI USA
March 6-8, 2009
Midwest Power Yoga

Grand Geneva WI USA
March 26-29, 2009
Yoga Journal Conference

Phoenix AZ USA
April 10-12, 2009
At One Yoga

Chicago IL USA
April 17-19, 2009
Moksha Yoga

Santa Barbara CA USA
May 1-2, 2009
Yoga Soup

May 26-31, 2009
Midwest Yoga

Telluride CO USA
July 11-13, 2009
Telluride Yoga Festival

(Through Oct. 4)
Miami FL USA
October 1-4, 2009
Art of Vinyasa

Austin TX USA
November 12-15th, 2009
Southwest Yoga

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