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Snatam Kaur

Snatam KaurSnatam Kaur is one of the most celebrated young devotional artists performing today. Her angelic chants and songs deliver enchanting prayers to enhance yoga, meditation, healing practices or to sooth and enrich your work environment.

As a small child growing up in California, Snatam’s home was always filled with music. Her parents played devotional chants and prayers daily, her father improvising on flute, piano and tablas while her mother modeled the angelic voice that Snatam later became so loved for. While she was still small, Snatam’s family traveled to India, to study with her mother’s kirtan teacher. There the Golden Temple, one of the most revered Sikh places of worship in the world filled her heart and changed her life. Listening to the sacred music and exploring the heavenly inner sanctum of the temple, her love of sacred and devotional music took root.

Back in California, her parents divorced and daily sacred chanting became a bond for mother and daughter. Performing for Kirtan with her mother throughout her teen years, Snatam also studied violin and guitar. She began composing during that time, and soon her own music began to develop.

After college, Snatam returned to India to study with Bhai Hari Singh, the same teacher her mother had studied with two decades earlier. She again spent long hours in the beautiful gardens of the Golden Temple, meditating and attending kirtan.

Snatam moved to Eugene, Oregon in 1997. Through her attendance at the 3HO Summer and Winter Solstice celebrations in New Mexico and Florida, she began performing and recording with Kivtar Singh and Guru Ganesha Singh under the name Peace Family. They produced three albums: Reunion, To Heaven and Beyond and Carry Us Home.

Today Snatam Kaur performs and records under the label Spirit Voyage Records, founded by Guru Ganesha Singh, her guitar player and manager – spreading peace with her angelic voice. Her current Celebrate Peace Tour offers prayers and chants in the spirit of peace and brings her to schools and jails as well as concert halls throughout the USA and abroad.

FindBliss.com features numerous Snatam Kaur recordings in the music store, including Amrit Vela, Anand, Carry Us Home, Celebrate Peace, Grace, Joy is Now, Live in Concert, Mother’s Blessing, Prem, Reunion, Shanti, and To Heaven and Beyond – with sample tracks of each song.

Music by
Snatam Kaur in the Find Bliss Music Store:

Snatam Kaur - Grace Snatam Kaur - Joy Is Now Snatam Kaur - Prem Snatam Kaur - Celebrate Peace
Grace Joy Is Now Prem Celebrate Peace
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