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Maria Kostelas

Maria Kostelas has been described as a “pied piper of the soul.” Renowned authors Christiane Northrup, M.D., Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., and Judith Orloff, M.D. among others have endorsed her music. Maria has released six solo compact discs of original music through her record label, Flutes of the World. AOL Spa Guide selected her CD, “Ancient Voices from Within” as one of their Top 10 Pick for spa music. Her CD “One Heart” has been licensed to play in hospitals throughout the country. Many of her compositions have made the Top 100 downloads including iTunes-UK and MSN Music. Additionally, she has composed several commissioned works, including a CD for the World Presidents Organization’s Mind/Body Health Conference, and a meditation CD with Shirley MacLaine who says, “Maria is an artist I admire greatly. She is a remarkable flutist whose compositions have been used to energize and heal many people. She has such passion and the passion comes through the flutes.”

The silver flute was Maria’s first instrument, which she mastered while preparing for a career in classical music. Her training included advanced classes with Jean Pierre Rampal and James Galway and later studied with native shamans. She discovered a passion for world flutes and began amassing a collection that now numbers over 100. Maria’s research into these instruments led to presenting lectures where she shares her knowledge and enthusiasm for the healing power of music and indigenous cultural practices. Her personal experience with these practices spontaneously awakened her intuitive and healing gifts. Maria’s work expanded to include leading personal and spiritual transformational workshops and giving private and group sessions internationally. She has given presentations at hospitals, schools, wellness conferences and for organizations such as: The World Presidents Organization, National Wellness Institute, International Spa and Fitness Association, and Yoga Journal Magazine.

It is Maria’s belief that people only have one life purpose, and that purpose is to express the many and varied gifts of their soul. She has been praised for her unique ability to see these gifts and records personalized healing music CDs that empower individuals to express their greatest gifts. Like the pied piper who led his village out of harm’s way, Maria’s magical flute melodies are like a modern-day alchemist’s potion, a daily elixir for body, mind and spirit. In true shamanic tradition, Maria’s music begins and ends the day of thousands of her listeners around the globe with its inspiring, healing, and soothing embrace.

You can read more about Maria Kostelas and listen to sample tracks from all of these albums – A Time for Peace, One Heart, The 5 Minute Hour, The 5 Minute Hour 2, that are available in the findbliss.com music store.

What people are saying about Maria Kostelas and her music:

“Peaceful, relaxing, refreshing…My purpose in buying this was to have something to unwind to and relax. It does just that – very peaceful and beautiful. Easy to get lost in or use to focus and think, whatever your intentions. The flutes are truly remarkable.”

“My 9 and 12-year old were taunting and teasing eachother. I put on the One Heart CD and in minutes they stopped. Later at dinner as the music continued my daughter said, “this music makes me so happy.”

“One Heart, as Maria puts it, creates a “safe vessel” through which you can release your emotions. But it does more than that, it restores your sense of hope, and uplifts and revitalizes you. As you listen to Maria’s music on the One Heart CD, your negative emotions are released. And it doesn’t take hours of listening to make that happen. After just a few minutes of listening to Maria’s music, you’ll begin to feel better.”

“It’s like opening the spigot on that rain barrel of emotions, and releasing them a little at a time in a safe way. That way you can keep your emotions at a manageable level. Plus, I always find that her music leaves me uplifted and rejuventated.”

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