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How to Co-Create Your World – A Recipe Card for Manifesting Intention


Part Nine: Practice the Presence

We have reached the final installment of our nine-part journey in setting intention – Practice the Presence. The mind is capable of connecting with the creative space through repetition and visualization – a process that gradually increases with patience and practice. As you progress, you’ll reach a point of being present in the moment; of enjoying a seamless and lasting partnership with the flow.


This past week, my parents and I had the honor of dining with one of the most prolific spiritual guides, Deepak Chopra, and his wife, Rita. Deepak made a profound statement: “There are no boundaries,” which he described as a one- sentence synopsis of quantum physics. Looking at it scientifically, this is a paradigm-altering statement as it means that the physical boundaries we define as reality are illusions – like the chair you are sitting on or the magazine you are reading.

This concept transcends science, and that’s what hit me – it means I have no limits when it comes to co-creating in this world. If this is the case, then every moment and every decision that I’ve made in my life holds importance. This was reaffirmed to me after speaking with Working for Good’s Jeff Klein, who recently stated, “Intention is an orientation coupled with activation.” This means intention is not about asking and receiving – it’s more of a homing device, guiding you in the right direction.  Tuning into, and setting intentions daily is so important to staying on course.

At our lunch, I asked Deepak and Rita if they have a daily practice. They both nodded ‘yes’ and said that they meditate two hours a day with the Yoga Sutras. While I understand how most people can’t dedicate this amount of time to a meditation practice, they may be open to a more manageable option. Reflecting upon these ‘recipe cards for manifesting intention’, I realized that just like a meditation on Sutras, the nine steps comprise a rich fifteen-minute practice. Furthermore, I have come full circle with the series.


Since Practice the Presence is a reminder to hone in and reflect upon each of the nine steps on a daily basis, let’s review them. Start by finding a quiet space – relax, turn off the day, and, reflect on the list. One at a time, allow each to carry deep into your quiet awareness.  After this practice, carry these thoughts on your journey through the day. Repetition, visualization, and practicing presence through conscious awareness will help cultivate your connection to the Source.


Focus – Meditate on one subject with the mind after discussing it with the Creative Source.

Make clear your intention, and seek tangible results -Do no harm, benefit others, harmonize the energy, and connect with deep emotion

Open to the creative source –You are the instrument, not the Source; the Source is unlimited.

Release it – Let the intention go.

Offerings not Outcomes – Remember that the universe provides in an elegant way.

Do the work, move in rhythm – Manifest your intention in everything you do.

Receive the wonder – Whatever comes will be a beneficial surprise.

Gratitude – Be thankful for your partnership with the Creative Source.

Practice the Presence – Repeat and stay present.

Thank you for journeying over the past nine months with me on a path to co-creation. I would love to read about how you utilized all, or some, of these steps to help manifest your intentions. Please email me your story in 400 words or less by July 1to [email protected] . One winning entry will receive the gift of a chocolate meditation tasting kit from Intentional Chocolate, and their story will be posted online at www.findbliss.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

Ashley Walsh is the Vice President of Marketing for Intentional Chocolate ™, her family’s business, www.intentionalchocolate.com. An integral part of their company is to help teach the science and spirituality of intention setting. She practices yoga, meditation and chocolate eating daily as she believes all are vital to good health. Please feel free to connect with her at [email protected]


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