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How to Co-Create Your World-Recipe Card for Manifesting Intention

Ashley-Do the WorkPart Six: Do The Work – Move in Rhythm

We are now more than halfway through our intention-setting process. Part six in our series is Do the work – Move in rhythm

I detested homework, chores, or anything that could be claimed by the statement, “Go do your work,” when I was a kid. That changed when I came to understand the concept of ebb and flow, or the process of Do The Work – Move in Rhythm.

Cycles occur all around us, including the tides in the ocean, our sleep patterns, and even our creativity. I have observed my own patterns in life and have noted the times when I’m in the experience, as I like to call it, of riding the wave and times when I’m still. So what are these patterns?

It’s now commonly accepted in many disciplines that there are five stages of creativity which cycle between the left and the right hemisphere of the brain. These five stages are: insight, saturation, incubation, illumination, and verification.

The first insight is what happens in the a-ha! moment when something strikes us. After this occurs, then we saturate ourselves with knowledge, learning all we can about the subject of that insight. We then gestate, allowing the idea to incubate within us until there is some further awareness that comes, a deepening of the idea, the illumination. We must then verify that this concept is valid. Thus completes the cycle.

Once I understood this process, I realized how important it was to do my work in setting an intention. Intention setting is the preparation that allows us to be connected to the Source and experience this cycle of creativity. As Louis Pasteur said, “In the field of observation, chance favors only the prepared mind.”  An unprepared mind may not observe that there is a chance in front of them, but someone who is prepared and aware of their intention may be able to seize the opportunity and run with it.  In the same way, random words out of context may have little meaning; a new opportunity may need the right frame of reference (our intention) to seem significant.

Of course, it’s difficult in the midst of the lull between active cycles to remember that at some point there will be an upswing. A powerful practice I have found to help me on a daily basis is the creation of a morning ritual, an easy breathing meditation to increase alertness.  I then use that focus to set my intentions.

A helpful tool I incorporate in my daily routine is from Shakti Gawain’s classic book Creative Visualization. She says to place yourself in the moment when, for example, you are being hired for your dream job. To do this, think about yourself on the job as though is already happening and envision three affirming thoughts about being at the job (remember these are positive thoughts about you in the moment).  Once you have cemented those affirmations, you can return to your present moment and move on with the day.  When I practice this, it helps connect me immediately to the Creative Source, reminding me that I’m a channel for the distribution of this creative energy.

This moves us to Part 7: Receive the Wonder.

Ashley Walsh is the Vice President of Marketing for Intentional Chocolate ™, her family’s business, intentionalchocolate.com. An integral part of their company is to teach the science and spirituality of intention setting. She practices yoga, meditation and chocolate eating daily as she believes all are vital to good health. Connect with Ashley at:  [email protected].

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