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Contributors Share About Their Mom

This month, we asked our contributors to honor Mother’s Day by sharing a memory or a treasured lesson learned from their mom…

David Young-Wolff – Photographer, Spa Montage and Food for the Soul

I have this memory of lying down, asleep on the soft carpeting of the floor as a very small child.  As I start to wake, I feel a warm loving energy approach me. When I open my eyes, I see my mom’s feet and legs near me. She reaches down and picks me up with her strong hands. I can smell her hair and skin. She hugs me and asks, “How is my little boy?” She tells me she loves me as she carries me away.


Julie Carmen – Writer and Model, Spa Montage

My mom kept our tiny, far flung family connected. As a preteen, she took me on an eleven passenger freighter across the Atlantic from New Jersey to Bilbao. Every summer was spent with family in Madrid, Mijas, Dusseldorf, Juist, Bonn, and Paris. Our dispersed family was treasured. The thought of arguments among family was never an option. There was too much appreciation. Even the dresses we wear are made by our cousin, Parisian designer, Veronique Manga Bell.

yogatalks.com Twitter: @YogaTalks1

Carrie Hutchinson – Writer, Clear the Relationship Climate

My mother taught me that I can do anything. When I was born she looked at me and said, “What an amazing time to grow up as a woman in this world.” I believe that even as an infant I heard and understood those words and have lived by them. My mother’s words have been the driving force behind my advocacy for girls and women worldwide, for whom it may not have been such a blessing to be born female. Her words have become a mantra I share with my own daughters nearly every day.


Erynne Elkins – Writer, Food for the Soul

My mom taught me to look for the valuable lessons others can teach you while they’re in your life.  It could be a partner – past or present, a dear friend or an acquaintance, someone you work with, or even a neighbor.  My mom taught me to appreciate the significance of those in your life, to learn from them and most importantly, to grow as a human being.


Twitter @ErynneElkins


Patricia Lopez – Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist, Spa Montage

One of the best lessons I’ve learned from my mother (grandmother) is independence. She taught me how to cook and clean at an early age. This lesson taught me to value my home and material things. She also taught me to work for the things I want in life – because of that I had my first part-time job at age 11. But most importantly, she taught me to keep my strength and faith even when I feel like I’m at my weakest. And to never give up!

facebook.com/P.MarieMakeup and Instagram: @pmariemakeup


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