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A Ten-Minute Meditation Practice

The secret of meditation is putting resolutely aside every plan, every project, and focusing on the moment. It’s about stilling the thought-process and feeling the space within as it gradually expands from the body outward. Find a peaceful space and set aside at least 10 minutes for meditation every day, to tune in to your highest potential.


A Meditation Practice*

Sit with the spine straight, and the body relaxed. Place your hands palms upward on the thighs at the junction of the abdomen. Keep your chest up (but relaxed), and your shoulder blades drawn slightly together.

Now inhale, counting mentally to 12; hold the breath for 12; exhale, for 12. Repeat six to twelve times.

Now watch the breath as an impartial observer. Don’t care whether it flows or remains stationary. Simply remain attentive to whatever it does naturally.

As it becomes natural to do so, center your awareness of the breath at the point where it enters the nasal cavity. Feel it in the upper part of this passage, and visualize its movement gently fanning and awakening the spiritual eye in the frontal lobe of the brain.

As the breath becomes slow, concentrate on, and enjoy, the pauses between the breaths. Dwell on the sense of freedom from the tyranny of constant breathing.

Finally, concentrate with deep calmness at the point between the eyebrows, the seat of concentration, as well as of divine vision in the body. Affirm mentally: Thy light flows into me; I am filled with peace.

 *Adapted from The Art and Science of Raja Yoga by Swami Kriyananda.


Elisabeth Rohm, photographed by Kimberly Metz, is an actress, mother, author and activist best known for her roles in Law & Order, Angel, and David O. Russell’s upcoming film, American Hustle (scheduled for release: December 2013).  She stars in the inspiring docu-drama Finding Happiness: Filmed on location at spiritual communities in California, Italy and India, she plays a skeptical journalist on a professional assignment and a personal quest. The Finding Happiness film, book, and soundtrack will be available from October 15. www.findinghappinessmovie.com

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