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At Home With Gurutej

At home with gurutejA miniature Spanish castle with soft golden exterior, fluted tile roof, majestic triangular windows, and circular walls of architecture, this home is fit for a queen. As I approach the gate I notice a small tag, the kind you may find on a birthday gift, dangling from a ribbon: Bless this home. Bless all who enter this home. Bless all that happens in this home. I soon discover what a blessed gift this home is.

I ring the doorbell. A voice calls, “Come in.” I enter. I don’t see anyone there, so I tiptoe across the gleaming oak floors of the abundant, light-filled room, controlling my urge to do cartwheels before I’ve even met the home’s mother, Gurutej Kaur. This is her home and workspace, where she shares her joy and knowledge of Kundalini yoga, meditation, and healing. Specifically, Raj Yog Healing, which creates balance through the use of sound and color therapy. Raj means royalty and Yog, unity. And as Gurutej enters the room, that is exactly who I meet: a woman with a royal disposition, who inspires unity in her community.

Dressed in a sheath of golden brocade and jewelry with amber tones, it is still her brilliant eyes that stand out the most. She offers me tea, and shares the recent loss of her beloved teacher, Yogi Bhajan. Her deep blue eyes are watery, her composure as solid as the earth, and I am humbled to share the morning with Gurutej as she invites me on a tour.

We begin with her living room, clear of furniture and ready for yoga class. Light floods in through the unique, triangular, nearly floor-to-ceiling window. Symbolic of the “third eye,” Gurutej says it is the “eye of the soul” of her house, and the perfect frame for the Japanese Magnolia growing behind it. The rooms are accented with arched entryways, original, yellow stained-glass windows, wrought-iron sconces, and matching chandeliers. There is nothing cold about this home, nothing but warmth. Altars, candles, and crystals line the perimeters. “Altars should alter consciousness and invite you to sit with them.”

Throughout our tour, I often have lucid moments of sudden understanding. Gurutej has a way of putting things, helping you to see by sparking new light. She wholly lives up to the destiny given by her name, Gurutej: the teacher who brings one from darkness to light, at light speed. One way she does this is through song. At the head of the room are numerous musical instruments: gongs for releasing fear, crystal bowls for balancing charkas, and a harmonium, well, all the better to sing and chant with. Gurutej humors my request for a performance. She opens the harmonium like a chest of treasure, and plays its gold, marbled keys. Her powerful voice carries a delicate song, as she puts it, “to create miracles in family, and mankind.” Once again, she enlightens me, this time on the power of word and chanting. “If you call someone’s name, they turn their attention, their energy to you. If calling God’s name, wouldn’t God – or all gods – turn their attention and energy your way?” Certainly they would hear their name from here. For blessed are the acoustics in this home. When I ask if that was a factor in finding the right space, she replies, “No. That was a gift.”

Gurutej has created a space for uplifting and healing the consciousness of humanity, and every room is devoted to that intention. One offers a cozy sofa to relax with a cup of tea. Shelves display a variety of books, teas, Gurutej’s yoga videos and chakra pillows. As we wander into the next room, my eyes are drawn to more framed art by Gurutej: a beautiful collage of rich fabrics and textiles, emotional and poetic. This is where the Rag Yog Healing happens. Just what the doctor ordered. A chemist’s dream with cabinets and shelves full of healing products and essential oils, small but hi-tech sound systems, and assortments of color and light.

I leave with gifts of knowledge, a chakra pillow, and other goodies. As I put on my shoes in the serene garden entry, I notice sounds that I hadn’t been open to noticing at my arrival: the dance of a waterfall, the breeze tickling chimes, the eloquent songbird nestled in the golden leaves of the tree above me. Just being in this space left me balanced and aware of sound, word, and song. Is someone calling my name?

written by karen nation / photography by jasper johal

As seen in Yogi Times Magazine

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