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Fitness as a Lifestyle, not a Life’s Work

Rona Chowenhill of Probody FitnessHere’s what I can share with you about fitness, and being truly fit… it’s a lifestyle.

Fitness is a gradual shift in your way of thinking. It’s awareness about how-to care for, feed and maintain your body and mind. The more compatible your nutrition and exercise are with who YOU really are, the easier it will be to settle into your own, slightly unique, fitness lifestyle. You’ll have the most success if you try not to force yourself to settle for someone else’s plan. Create your own. Get out there, experiment, try new things, listen to your body and your inside voice. Discover the things you truly enjoy and are passionate about. From age five through college and beyond I studied dance. Who would have thought weight training would be my passion? Not me, it took someone else’s persistence to introduce me to free-weights. I was drawn in, hooked, almost instantly. Finding the same discipline, and mind/body connection I loved about dance was surprising. But most of all, the mental focus required, which turns off the committee in your head, left me so relaxed and de-stressed. Some need to feel their belly on a wave, others their bum firmly planted on a bicycle seat, and still others need to chant while stretching every fiber of their being. Find your passion. As for nutrition, it’s a bit more complicated, like a science experiment. We’ll talk about that next time…feel good!

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