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Your Personal Scent Wardrobe

written by kyle roderick

your Personal Scent Wardrobebuilding your personal scent wardrobe
You probably already know that wearing scent can change your mood or lift your spirit. According to research conducted at Chicago’s Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, (www.scienceofsmell.com) however, scent also has the power to profoundly alter your performance for the better in intimate and professional life.

“There is substantial research proving that odor affects your emotional state and mood faster and more powerfully than any other sensory input,” says Alan Hirsch, M.D., medical director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, Illinois. In other words, scent will help you find bliss faster than shopping for new clothes or buying anything you can imagine; so consider building a personal scent wardrobe consisting of essential oils or organic perfumes.

Realize that the experience of seeing, hearing or touching bliss is two-step dance. First your brain interprets the input, and then you respond emotionally. But smelling a pleasing odor is a non-stop, express ticket to bliss. “Scents go straight to the emotional seat of the brain, the limbic lobe,” says Dr. Hirsch, who is a psychiatrist and neurologist. “This means that feeling, impression and interpretation are one and the same.”

So, if you want to feel your best, do fine work and enhance intimacy with ease, then “Developing a personal scent wardrobe and wearing scent every day may pay many practical dividends for health and wellness,” says Erich Worster, CEO of Anakiri BioEnergetic Skin Care (www.anakiri.com). “There is also some evidence that certain scents can help you stay relaxed, which may in turn help you manage stress and enhance your health.”

If you think this sounds like aromatherapeutic wishful thinking, realize that Dr. Hirsch has conducted studies that have medically proven:

*For women, the scent combo of cucumber and Good N’ Plenty candy speeds up blood flow to the genitals faster than any other aroma.
*For men, the mixture of lavender and pumpkin pie spice speeds up blood flow to the genitals more rapidly than any other scent.
*a mixed floral spicy aroma makes women appear approximately 12 pounds thinner to men
*green apple aroma can reduce headaches and make you feel less tense in anxiety-producing situations; cucumber can also make you feel less tense.
*a mixed floral scent enhances learning speed by 17% in teenagers and adults
*cucumber or green apple aroma can affect perception of space, making the size of a room appear larger

What are some good scents to stock up on and how should you use them? When should you use them? Dr. Hirsch and Erich Worster offer the following recommendations and explanations.
Jasmine: Increases beta waves in the frontal lobe of the brain, promoting a more wakeful state. “Jasmine also stimulates the optic nerve and the tri-geminal nerve, the nerve that makes you cry when you are cutting onions,” says Dr. Hirsch. “If you want to enhance your receptivity, jasmine really wakes you up.”

Jasmine also activates the cones in your eyes, which helps with visual tracking. Keep jasmine in your car to sniff during long drives; dab some behind your ears and on your temples before a tennis game; use it on your pulse points before a romantic evening– or wear jasmine anytime you want to enhance your receptivity.

Aromatherapist David Crowe formulated a Jasmine Bliss Botanical Perfume that is derived from three of the world’s finest and most seductive jasmine plants: the dawn-blooming (J. grandiflorum), the night-blooming (J. sambac) and Jasmine auriculatum. Click on www.findbliss.com for more information.
Citrus and Citrus Blends: According to Dr. Hirsch, “These stimulate the reticular activating system, that part of the brain that wakes us up like an alarm clock. They also perk up the tri-geminal nerve.” “Citrus and citrusy blends make you feel more awake and alert, and they make your mood go up,” says Anakiri’s Worster, who is owner and mastermind of The Healing Arts Spa on Green Street in Gainesville, Georgia (www.spaongreenstreet.com/).

Excellent choices for those who need some extra oomph to get going in the a.m., these scents have other intriguing uses. For example, because they are so uplifting, citrusy scents can make you and those around you feel happier while you work, commute or stand in line. Essential oil of orange or grapefruit can also help or grown-ups breathe easier and feel lighter: put a few drops in the bath or in a vaporizer to fill your air with good vibes. Check out http://anakiri.com/main2.cfm?id=90300 for an organic and euphoria-inducing citrus blend containing bergamot and grapefruit, or, go to www.findbliss.com for a high quality, reasonably priced sweet orange essential oil.
Lavender: Increases alpha waves in the occipital lobes (located in the back of the brain) and induces relaxation. Lavender is also helpful for those who have trouble falling asleep, Dr. Hirsch reports. “Lavender makes you fall asleep faster and start dreaming faster,” he explains. Heat up some lavender essential oil in a diffuser and let the scent waft through your bedroom. Or, dab some cotton balls with lavender essential oil and put them inside your pillowcase to help lull you into dreamland. You might also try anointing yourself with lavender essential oil. For an extremely aromatic, organic French lavender oil, go to: www.findbliss.com for ordering information.

Anakiri also makes a lovely and powerful organic lavender oil; this is available at: http://anakiri.com/main2.cfm?id=90123. An essential oil workhouse, lavender oil is known for the following benefits, says Worster: Good for all skin types. Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, astringent. skin conditions, acne, black heads. Balances sebum. Use for athlete’s foot, minor burns or scalds; dandruff; dermatitis, eczema, inflammation, insect bites and stings, lice, psoriasis, ringworm. Use as a skin and hair conditioner. Use on sunburned skin and on light wounds to clean and prevent infection.

It’s worth noting that the most powerful, mood-enhancing odors are those that evoke positive feelings from your youth, says Dr. Hirsch. For some people, this may mean a certain kind of cookie or dessert. For others, the aroma of a favorite flower, spice or suntan lotion may be a huge turn-on. “Give it some thought and time and identify the smells that give you positive feelings,” says Dr. Hirsch.

You may also condition yourself to associate a particular odor with a positive mood state. “Choose a specific scent, such as vanilla (www.findbliss.com) or rose (www.findbliss.com), Hirsch suggests, “and use a practice such as meditation or deep breathing to chill yourself out as you inhale it. Whenever you are feeling stressed or tired, inhale that soothing aroma and feel yourself grow more relaxed.” This simple but effective bliss ritual can be practiced anywhere: while you commute,.before you go to bed, during your lunch hour, before you put your child to bed, or after a yoga class to further enhance your relaxation.

Whichever scents you choose to use, “Just be sure to wear them on an everyday basis so you can reap all of their emotional, mental and physical benefits,” says Worster. What’s more, just as you wear heavier clothes in the winter, you may find that certain scents are far more effective in colder weather rather than in the heat of summer. “That’s only natural,” says Worster, “and it’s another reason why you want to have a diverse scent wardrobe for different occasions, different seasons and different moods.”
Kyle Roderick starting making her own perfumes as a teenager with violets, honeysuckle and violets and an English perfumery guide. She has been finding deep bliss through scents ever since and now makes organic, essential oil-based bath salts. Her favorite scents include Waiuku, New Zealand and organic Bliss blends from www.findbliss.com.

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