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3 Secrets of the Super-Fit

Abs, abs, abs!!!Ever check out a super-fit person at the gym and wonder, “How do I get a body like that?” Well, some of it is genetics, but the secret to being ultra-fit is in your hands. Want to know what the pros know? Read on!

The Super-Fit Like to Work Out
Most of us can’t imagine a situation where we’d be simply aching to get to the gym after a few days off. However, most people who are in really great shape need to work out or they just don’t feel right.

The intense desire to exercise can stem from a number of things: an abundance of energy, a need to relax, or an addiction to the high you get from a really great workout. Whatever the reason, people who are in tip-top shape can’t live without it.

The good news is if you aren’t a gym rat, you could become one. Once you get into the habit of working out regularly, you’ll find that you feel better, sleep better and eat better. What beats that?

The Super-Fit Count Every Calorie
It doesn’t matter how many minutes you log in on the treadmill, running off a high-fat meal in one workout is impossible. So even though your fitness model friend looks like she can eat whatever she wants without a care in the world, take comfort in the fact that she can’t.

People who are dedicated to exercise look at their bodies as machines: you get out what you put in. The better you eat, the better you perform.

The Super-Fit Mix it Up

Ever notice a super fit person doing the same workout every single day? We thought not!

To have a body that is strong, flexible and toned, you have to do a variety of workouts. Most people do the same workout over and over again, which leads to boredom and a fitness level that plateaus after time. If you want to be in great shape, you mix your workouts up daily: strength and circuit training, cardio and yoga.

What do you do to keep fit?

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