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Peaceful Warrior

Peaceful Warriorfree tickets to see ‘peaceful warrior’
Universal is offering $15 million of free movie tickets for opening-weekend, available at Best Buy store locations or at www.bestbuy.com/peacefulwarrior starting March 18, 2007.

“This is an example of an offer with no strings attached,” Adam Fogelson, President of Universal Marketing. “We wanted to provide the opportunity for as many people as possible to see the film for free on its first weekend. This movie’s inspiring and positive message connects powerfully with people, but it simply isn’t possible to reduce or market it efficiently or economically in the customary ways. We wanted to allow consumers a chance to sample the film and opted to redirect money from a traditional marketing campaign and instead purchase and provide tickets to moviegoers directly”.

“Peaceful Warrior”, based on Dan Millman’s “Way of the Peaceful Warrior”, centers on Dan, an Olympic Gold Medalist, who serendipitously meets an old gas station attendant, played brilliantly by Nick Nolte, who helps him answer the question of how to be happy living in the moment. This film also features the beautiful and charming Amy Smart.

“Mainstream audiences are now embracing films that enlighten as well as entertain,” Mark Amin, “This plan empowers the community to spread the word about this inspiring film.”

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