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Our Fall/Holiday Issue Contributors

We asked this issue’s contributors: “What’s the one thing you do for yourself over the holiday season?”


Bekah Wright

Writer, Seasoned to Perfection

Evening walks during the holiday season are magical. Eye candy comes by way of holiday lights. The scent of a fire burning blends perfectly with the crisp air. Add to that a companion to share great conversation with, or caroling if the mood strikes, and for me, that’s the recipe for a perfect night.
www.bekahwright.com Twitter: @bekwright


Zoe Kors

Writer, Spa Treatments

I always make space for solitude. The holiday season is very much about connecting—with family, with friends, with community. For me, time spent alone becomes essential to maintaining inner-peace and remaining balanced in the middle of all the additional activity and connectivity. To avoid over-booking, over-extending and over-spending, I take one hour of silence for every three hours I spend shopping, cooking or celebrating. zoekors.com  Twitter: @zoekors


Adam Latham

Photographer, Stylish Kitchen Solutions

I feel I have a healthy dose of cynicism towards religions, but growing up in Europe I’ve come to find the holidays are not the same without a flamboyant, enchanting, outrageously, radiant, elegantly dressed Christmas tree.  I love sharing my home with the tall freshly-cut spruce, sacrificed in its prime – a welcome guest until mid-February. lathamarchitectural.com


Garth McLean

Model, Career

The holidays for me are a welcome time to reflect, relax, reenergize and renew. Often I am in India this time of the year, happily being a student honoring BKS Iyengar’s birthday. This December, he turns 95. Upon returning, I generally indulge in a weeklong exploration of Canadian winter – enjoying outdoor snow activities, getting cozy with family and loved ones, and embracing long uninterrupted practices. Yogarth.com Twitter: @yogarth


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