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Contributors Page

This month we asked our contributors to share with us their favorite spaces in Los Angeles to celebrate the onset of the warmer weather….


Julie Morris

Writer, Superfoods: Micronutritional Powerhouses

One of the things I love about Los Angeles is the plethora of natural gems just begging us to come out and play. This, coupled with the fact that I love being active, means that finding good spaces to celebrate the sunniest days of the year is usually centered around the question, “What can we do outside?” From our dolphin-studded beaches to oak-lined trails, it’s so rewarding to appreciate the true core of this city. One particular favorite of mine is the top of Eagle Rock in Topanga.

Twitter: @greenjules facebook.com/SuperfoodCuisine



Daisy Swan

Columnist, Career: Waking Up to What’s Important

I live in Manhattan Beach and love to walk my dog, Otto, through the hilly neighborhoods or power walk by the ocean with friends. It is chilly near the Pacific most of the year, so I treasure the hot weather when it finally arrives. I love going to any Farmers’ Markets looking for berries, plums or rhubarb for the pies I make to contribute to meals (hopefully outdoors) with friends…all of this says summer to me.

Twitter: @daisyswan daisyswan.com




Laura Doss

Photographer, Water: Contemplative Home Design

Being an avid surfer, stand up paddle boarder, and sailing enthusiast, I would say that my favorite Los Angeles outdoor location to play in is the ocean. Most of my activities revolve around salty water and I love being immersed in the ocean in one way or another.  Not only is it good for me as an athlete but, being out there, far from the terra firma is good for my soul.

Facebook: Laura Doss Photography  http://instagram.com/lauradossphoto#


Portrait Michael Thomas

Michael Thomas Robinson

Columnist, Money Matters: Understanding Abundance

I love sailing to Catalina Island where I enjoy spending quiet time kayaking and exploring the island’s secluded coves.  What truly inspires me though, is being able to sail under the full moon’s light on warm summer nights. When I am not sailing I love spending time at Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes. Whether it’s for coffee, a seaside meal by the fireplace, or for a business meeting; for me, it has become a home away from home.

Pureplanning.org  Getyogawithmichael.com

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