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Estonian Ecstasy

With its venerable spa culture, advantageous exchange rate; clean, green cities and countryside, Estonia offers superb spa vacations at bargain prices. From this Baltic country’s traditional and postmodern spas in the seaport capital of Tallinn to tiny islands and their innovative spas, Estonia offers the best spa value for money in the Baltics/Northern European region. … [Read more...]

El Monte Sagrado


If you've ever tried to find a refuge that nurtures the human as well as planetary environment, El Monte Sagrado Living Resort & Spa in Taos, New Mexico (www.elmontesagrado.com) is the nexus for highly specialized, environmentally friendly and deeply bliss-inducing spa care. As the world's only ecologically sustainable luxury resort and spa, El Monte Sagrado is green, clean and organic in style and substance. Accordingly, El Monte offers life-changing and rare treatments that are unique to … [Read more...]

Bathing Beauty

Enjoying a leisurely soak is not only good for your body, it rejuvenates your spirit. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and watch as the tension in your muscles begins to disappear. The stresses and worries of your day slowly fade as you surrender to the warm waters supporting you. Your breath begins to deepen, while your heart rate resumes its natural, healthy pace, not the frenetic pace of the day, but the calm, quiet pace of the evening. No, you're not at a spa or enjoying a watsu … [Read more...]

Iceland Spas

iceland spas: geo-thermal gourmet bathing Steaming with pristine geothermal pools in snowy landscapes under azure blue skies, Iceland is arguably the only country on earth that qualifies as one giant spa. Where else in the world can you relax year-round in natural geothermal lagoons surrounded by lava fields and black sandy beaches watching marine birds winging their way out to sea? For the gourmet spa bather, Iceland is especially enchanting given that it’s situated in the empire of the … [Read more...]

santa fe spa guide

Along with its soothing Southwestern vibe, pinon-scented pure air and rugged mountain views, Santa Fe, New Mexico is also a spa-goer's paradise. Featuring top-of-the-line day and destination spas to satisfy all tastes and budgets, Santa Fe is a superb spot for a spa vacation. Because of its high altitude, however, definitely allow a day or two for your body to acclimate before jumping into a Jacuzzi or going for a sauna. Here is an overview of our favorites places to spa in this gem of a resort … [Read more...]

The Family Spa Vacation

written by kyle roderick Puzzling over where to take your family on vacation? Why not combine traveling with a sojourn in a spa that caters especially to families seeking bliss and balance? The family-friendly spa options listed below offer deep renewal, diverse activities and therapeutic treatments that can nurture and bond family members. Should you decide to go ahead and schedule a trip at one of these properties, be sure to book spa treatments well in advance of your visit. … [Read more...]

Amy McDonald: Spa Queen

by kyle roderick amy mcdonald: queen of the green spa world Wouldn't it be cool to get paid for dreaming up how to bring mind/body bliss into people's lives? Amy McDonald does exactly that, in her role as Spa and Programs director at El Monte Sagrado Living Resort & Spa TM (www.elmontesagradoc.com) in Taos, New Mexico. Even better, her lushly alive workplace is the only ecologically sustainable luxury resort and spa in the U.S. Thus, although she works in a luxury eco-resort, McDonald also … [Read more...]

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