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Spas & Retreats

This section features in-depth reviews of all the great resort spas, day spas, medical spas and destination spas. You will also find inspiring interviews of the top spa directors around the world and fascinating details on the design process behind some of the finest spas.



SPA AT MANDARIN ORIENTAL OFFERS JUST THE REMEDY FOR TIRED RUNNERS The award winning Spa at Mandarin Oriental Boston will once again be offering its Marathon Boost treatment in honor of the 120th running of the Boston Marathon, the world’s oldest annual marathon. Custom designed for runners, this one hour and twenty minute full body massage focuses on fatigued legs and feet while releasing muscle tension throughout the body.  Personalized techniques flush out lactic acid from sore limbs, … [Read more...]



Elevate the Body Mind and Spirit at the Mirbeau Inn & Spa With fireplaces and Eucalyptus-infused steam in each of their fourteen treatment rooms… indulge in the warmth, elegance and comfort of the award- winning Mirbeau Inn and Spa at The Pinehills just south of Boston off of route 3 in Plymouth.  Mirbeau, loosely translated as “reflected beauty,” is inspired in part by the soft light, warm colors and introspective character found in the paintings of renowned French Impressionist Claude … [Read more...]



Pearl+ Luxury Soaps... A Modern Take on an Ancient Beauty Secret From Palm Springs to Panama, the influencers behind the curtain at Ace Hotels manage to stay forever true to their pledge to keep things "continually new".  So, it comes as no surprise to find their guest bathrooms outfitted with strikingly elegant soaps in a daring hue of black.  Yes, black.  Not a color one so much associates with the five letter word CLEAN.  But, when you source from  artisans who blend legend, crushed … [Read more...]



Tales From a Rookie Visit Nancy Chabot is not a yogi.  Not so much.  In terms of her “thing”, running most accurately defines this suburban mother of two.  With a Boston Marathon and countless Falmouth and other road races under her belt, she sports her 26.2 with pride.  Yet this past late January in the midst of some professional crossroads and with the days short and the temperatures low, she found herself going where she had not so much tread before…  Lenox, MA.  More specifically … [Read more...]



THE SPA @INK BY WHOLE FOODS MARKET Just to the right of checkout able number nine sits a well-appointed refuge for the weary shopper.  Not what one would expect to see in the grocery store, but this being a brand new flagship Whole Foods in one of the city's hippest new neighborhoods, the bar has been risen.  A perfect detour either before or after filling the shopping list, The Spa @ INK, housed among the kale and almond milk and gluten free pasta, beckons the drained chef with Reiki, massage … [Read more...]



Visual Happiness in All Shapes... The Japanese holistic qi therapist Keiko Matsuo had childhood dreams of a career in medicine...  traditional medicine that is.  Fate instead found her wandering a more homeopathic approach to healing.  As a youth navigating her parents' chronic illness massage therapy especially captured her curious mind.  In that modality she poured her attention, along the way adding Qigong to her practice.   In a career spanning some thirty years from London to New York … [Read more...]



I really enjoy massages and fully understand their benefits, but the idea of spending an afternoon in mid-December doing that…. well that seemed nothing short of ludicrous! Let me clarify: I am busy and a Type A, which means I have lots of ideas, all of the time and I have the need to explore most of them, all of the time. Stopping and surrendering for a few hours in the midst of what many consider the busiest time of year was not one of them! Having reached a big milestone birthday this year, … [Read more...]

Hollywood Style Skin Treatments in the Merrimack Valley


Innovative Photo Acoustic Technology at Andover Laser Center... It is widely known that as we age, collagen (the most abundant protein in the human body and the substance that holds the whole body together) breaks down and the facial structure begins to lose it fight against gravity.  We recently sat down with the team at Andover Laser Center - one of the first spa center's on the east coast to offer a host of MedLite laser anti-aging treatments which build and restore this all-important … [Read more...]



Mālayā Organics, 100 percent Natural Luxury Recently, while wandering the Bleecker Street Indoor Market in NYC’s Greenwich Village I stumbled upon Mālayā Organics, a 100 percent natural luxury beauty brand. With their mantra, “Love yourself and the skin you’re in!” they handcraft all of their formulas using only pure organic and ethically sourced ingredients of the highest quality.  That means no harsh synthetic additives.  I was swiftly taken in by the ethereal bouquet of their all … [Read more...]

Spa Director – John Roseby Canyon Ranch SpaClub® at Sea

Celebrity Persian Garden w People

John Roseby has the highly coveted job of managing Canyon Ranch spas on board some of the most luxurious liners in the world. He joined Canyon Ranch in 2006 as Spa Director overseeing spa operations, including the spa, salon, skin care and outdoor sports departments, for all of the Canyon Ranch properties. In his current role, he has been instrumental in the expansion of the SpaClub® at Sea portfolio and handles the day-to-day spa operations on 19 cruise ships including Cunard Cruises Queen Mary … [Read more...]

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